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  • Fantastic Man – Alltogethernow EP [Kalahari Oyster Cult 42]

    14,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Alltogethernow
    A2. Bioxy
    B1. Alpha
    B2. Trojan Force


    Esteemed proponent of outré dancefloor manoeuvres, Superconscious Records co-founder Fantastic Man makes his Kalahari debut proper.

    Having shown up for rework duties on a couple of occasions, we find the mutable oddball at his most trippy and esoteric. In fact, OYSTER42 is the handiwork of a producer who has his formula of balmy, lysergic dance music down to an exact science.

    ‘Alltogethernow’ gets on a swaggering cosmic tip, all sub-loaded and celestial as levitational arpeggios and funked-up groove dovetail to mesmeric effect. ‘Alpha’, on the other hand, takes a vision quest through enchanted jungle terrain. Initiating with a hypnotic ritual chant, it’s tunnelling and murkily psychedelic; occulted dancefloor rapture tailor-made for the wormhole interior.

    As if it were some artefact from a distant ‘90s utopia, Bioxy’ recalls a time when warehouse parties littered the Melbourne landscape. Where its predecessor evokes ceremony and ritual, this is an anachronistic, dilated flashback to simpler times. FM kicks it languid and life-affirming on the closing number. Radiant synth lines flutter with a gentle headiness as ‘Trojan Force’ takes us full circle with a reprise of the rainforest FX.

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  • Lakeman – Inner Rhythms [Hold On Catalina 002]

    11,39  excl. VAT
    A2. 2GSPD
    B1. makeitdontfakeit
    B2. Woop

    B3. DU BIST SO


    Argentinean – Berlin based emerging talent producer Lakeman, delivers his debut EP titled Inner Rythms on the second release of Federico Molinari and Dfunklub’s imprint Hold On Catalina.
    Six trippy and effective tracks for all moods, that go from downtempo, to dub, house and electro with analog sounds that reminds the 80’s euro electronic scene. 

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  • Facil / Prototype 909 – Excerpts From 1993-1995 [Re:Discovery 009]

    12,80  excl. VAT
    A1. Facil - Tree Frog
    A2. Facil - 700x7
    B1. Prototype - 909 Transit
    B2. Prototype 909 - Planet S
    B3. Facil - Same Place


    On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the release of ‘Facil / Prototype909 – excerpts from 1993-1995’. This compilation
    celebrates some lesser known tracks that featured our good friend Dietrich Schonemann in 2 of his amazing 90’s bands. Facil is his ambient dub project with the well
    known Abe Duque. The other is the famous acid techno trio of Prototype 909 (with Taylor Deupree, Jason Szostek). These tracks have been hidden for far too long.
    The Facil tracks includes the head bobbing ‘Tree Frog’, the ambient dub bomb ‘700X7’ taken from their full legth album while ‘Same Place’ is a compilation favorite
    from those who knew Facil’s work then. Prototype 909 round out the EP with 2 techno tracks ‘Transit’ and ‘Planet S’. This jam packed EP is sure to make your chill
    out room more enjoyable.

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  • Loopchasers – Lunagenesis [TerraFirm 008]

    12,49  excl. VAT
    A1. A World of Swirls (2019 Mix)
    A2. A World of Swirls (2022 Mix)
    B1. A World of Swirls (2019 Mix)
    B2. The Light (2022 Mix)


    A multi-system conglomerate servicing planets within the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, TerraFirm provides the desiccated, toxified, irradiated or otherwise uninhabitable planets of this sector with a suite of services to rectify any environmental challenge. From geoformation to carbon extraction, desalination to biome rehabilitation, TerraFirm has a full range of services to return your planet to its naturally thriving, pre-apocalypse state.

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  • Xiaolin – Tower Moment EP [MIHN Music 006]

    12,56  excl. VAT
    A1. Dark Night
    A2. Safe With Me
    B1. Lemuria
    B2. Lemuria (Blue Hours Elevator Mix)


    A wise character once reminded her to tread the heavy ground with light feet. After a whirlwind two years since moving back to Hong Kong and starting from scratch, Xiaolin has re-emerged from the depths of her studio stronger than ever with a second EP – her first vinyl release to date.

    Inspired by the Tower card from the Tarot, Tower Moment EP is a cosmic journey through four stages of healing: darkness, acceptance, transformation and freedom.

    The record begins with “Dark Night” (of the Soul), followed by the gentle comfort of “Safe With Me”, a nostalgic electro ballad. On Side B: a chuggy tune layered with textures and samples, “Lemuria”, transports listeners to a surreal land of self-discovery, while Blue Hour completes the experience with his anthemic “Elevator” remix.

    With her signature mix of 909 kicks and 808 breaks blended with acid bass lines, subtle percussion and ethereal melodies, Xiaolin’s organic approach to techno and electro showcases her colourful palette and sensitivity as a musician, along with a love for jazz and warm synth sounds from the early 90’s era.

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  • Various – Sounds Of Transonic [SAISEI 004]

    12,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Organization - Space Ball
    A2. Palomatic - Under The Ground
    A3. Suzukisuki - Chelsea
    B1. Interferon - Blasting Soul
    B2. Mind Design - Dream Trance

    B3. Organization – Call


    SAISEI founder Junki Inoue continues his vital archival work uncovering the riches of Japan’s distinctive electronic music scene and bringing them to new audiences around the world. The Sounds Of Transonic compiles six tracks recorded in Tokyo between 1991 and 1995 and released by the pioneering Transonic label, founded in 1994 by Kazunao Nagata and active until 2004.
    Transonic’s catalogue is a glittering roll call of the scene’s major players, whose inventive and genre-blending work established forward-thinking house and techno in Japan in a way that would shape the country’s electronic sound for years to come. Transonic was instrumental in giving exposure to the work of these artists with its emblematic series of CD compilations, released over a short couple of years in the mid 90s. Beginning with 970-1450km/h, Feedback and Range, the series also included The Roots Of Transonic, featuring music from parent label Trigger. Alongside these compilations came much sought-after solo albums each packaged with striking cover art that makes the discs a visual treat for collectors to this day.
    The Sounds Of Transonic brings together six tracks from the catalogue into one breath-taking package. The influence of hi-tech jazz and machine funk from Detroit is undeniable in ‘Dream Trance’ (Mind Design) and ‘Blasting Soul’ (Interferon), while ‘Under The Ground’ (Palomatic) and ‘Chelsea’ (Suzukiski) are permeated by the artificial intelligence and trip hop emanating from the UK at the time. The compilation is bookended by two tracks by Nagata himself (as Organization): ‘Space Ball’, a Model 500-worthy chase through the cosmos, and ‘Call’, an eerie echo of Kraftwerk’s telephone, transmitting expectantly out into the void and, finally, receiving its celestial answer.
    With The Sounds Of Transonic these formative pieces of music will now be available internationally and, for the first time, on vinyl.
    SAISEI is a Japanese word which translates to ‘reproduction’ and ‘to play’ (as in playing records). Japanese culture is widely known for its traditional nature just as much as it is for being forward into the future and this label’s concept does justice to exactly that. Having started digging for records as early as 16 years old, Inoue delved into productions from 1990s Japan to uncover these native gems. SAISEI’s core concept is to recapture and reintroduce unique pieces of Japanese electronic music onto vinyl, to an audience it never reached before as most of this music was only released in Japan.

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  • Abdul Raeva – Atlas Corporation EP

    10,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Atlas Corporation
    A2. Death Race
    B1. Death Race (Andy Garvey Remix)
    B2. Guardian of the Vault


    Holly Lester’s Duality Trax imprint has quickly established itself as one of most exciting emerging labels from within the modern electronic circuit. Undoubtedly inspired by the golden era of house, techno, bleep and club, the label also has its crosshairs �xated �rmly on the future and has become a one-stop-shop for the very best in early-hours euphoria and contemporary heads-down sonics. Despite its young age the label already boasts a stellar back catalogue, releasing tracks and records from Fio Fa, Violet, Cromie, rRoxymore, Roza Terenzi and more – and the fourth in the series comes from Steffan Todorović and Joonas Aro under their Abdul Raeva alias. Holly is no stranger to either artist, having set up the Terrazzo label with Gestalt Records and Coymix head Steffan. It’s a sonic match-made-in-heaven, with both contributing artists and label head sharing an admiration for bouncy, fun and deep club music that dangles its legs on the border of emotionality without taking itself too seriously. The label head was �rst drawn to the lead track ‘Atlas Corporation’ with it’s soaring resonant lead reminiscent of the classic ‘Rez’ by Underworld. Ear-wriggling acid lines and psychedelic atmospherics balance a gritty and driving drum rhythm across a kaleidoscopic six minutes, before ‘Death Race’ blends techy dub with Abdul Raeva’s signature proggy sauce, best played as the sun begins to rise again. Staying true to the concepts of gender and sonic duality, the remix comes from Australian DJ and Pure Space-founder Andy Garvey who turns in a breakbeat-laden, broken acid-
    techno rendition of the A2, before we come to a meditative close with the tropical, downtempo sounds of ‘Guardian of the Vault’.

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  • Kalcagni – Lost In The System EP [Cosmoba 001]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Lost In The System
    A2. Multislacking
    B1. Culture Vulture
    B2. After The Fact


    Cosmoba is a brand new Manchester based imprint from Kalcagni. Fresh from releasing his ‘Manners’ EP on Distrito 91, Kalcagni dishes up 4 slices of funk fuelled electro for this label debut.

    Lead track ‘Lost In The System’ features retro stylings and gritty electro bass hooks. This is swiftly followed up by ‘Multislacking’, the result of a weekend spent twisting up a modular rig, with wonky bass squelches and 80s pads underpinned by slamming beats.On the flip side, ‘Culture Vulture’ introduces some heavy 303 workouts, before ‘After The Fact’ rounds off the EP nicely, taking the acid vibe in a slightly darker direction with wonky reese synth fills and jacked up breaks.

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  • Spin Fidelity – Particle Shower [NightFlight Records 005]

    11,79  excl. VAT


    Magnonic Signal head honcho Antonio Velazquez aka Spin Fidelity, known from his top notch releases on Subwax Excursions and Parang recordings, is present on the fourth outing on Brussels imprint Nightflight Records. This EP reflects the label’s spirit where there are no musical boundaries and hi-tech funk is the main ingredient of every track. On the A-side we have two techno soul stompers, “Photon Stream” and “Ancient love”, with rolling basslines, some acid and deep pads that will draw you straight to the dancefloor. On the flip we get two deep electro-funk tracks, “There must be a way” and “Magnonic transmission”, with a Detroit touch on a deep futuristic trip.

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  • Lenzyak – Trippy Land [Discarded Gems 107]

    11,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Yup
    A2. Flicker
    B1. Trippy Land
    B2. Sirius


    For the 7th installment we welcome Ukrainian producer Lenzyak, with an EP full of dreamy and progressive digressions, that drives us from the deepest atmospheres to the brightest vibe supported by a blend of breaky, trancey and techno grooves.

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  • Dynasty Of Dreams – A Wild West Story LP [Luzerna Records 021]

    22,50  excl. VAT

    A1. The Curse
    A2. Raccoon City
    B1. Spiritual Gathering (Coyote Mix)
    B2. Cherokees (Ranch Mix)
    C1. Animals And Spirit Of The Forest
    C2. Acid Wild West
    D1. Buffalo Dance

    D2. Canyon-Sunset
    D2. Ending Road Theme


    For the premiere of the Folklores & Legends Series on Luzerna Records, Dynasty of Dreams wrote for us a Native American adventure between a Cowboy and The Cherokees princess.
    “A Wild West Story LP” mixes solid breaks and percussions to magical pads and deep organs,
    The wind instruments, pianos and guitars, used in these sounds immerse us in a vintage and authentic progressive house.

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  • Alex Neri – The Symbol Of Love EP Vol 1

    13,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Can I See
    A2. Odissey
    B1. The Symbol Of Love
    B2. Pro Symphony


    I strongly believe in the future of the new music scene, in the hope and passion of the new generation of artists and I’m now more then ever aware that a look to the past is necessary to take virtuous steps in the near future.
    WildFlower’s dream is to begin once again from where it all started, from that vibration that gave birth to an ambitious and highly experimental project, bringing the music back to the center of everything, without any limitation of genres or boundaries in creativity.

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  • Eddie Fowlkes, OCB – Deeepcover [Muga1]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Eddie Fowlkes - Deepcover
    B1. Eddie Fowlkes - Deepcover (OCB Elektrofunk Remix)
    B2. Eddie Fowlkes - Deepcover (OCB Slowmotion Remix)


    After shifting clandestinely between second hand crates as a bootleg vinyl for the last 25 years, Eddie Fowlkes’ Deepcover finally gets a proper pressing and 2 remixes by one of today’s most dedicated students of electro funk, OCB (Driss Bennis). Originally released on the Magic Tracks compilation CD by Juan Atkins, featuring tracks by artists like James Stinson and Keith Tucker, the track has all the elements of early techno soul straight from the hands of its inventor. Indescribable sounds combine in unexpected ways that just fit, pushing and pulling in all the right directions.

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  • Interlect 3000 – The Return Of Intelligence [Childhood Intelligence 015]

    21,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Children Of Technology
    A2. Infrastructure
    B1. Sundance
    B2. Unamed I
    B3. Mindfood
    C1. Questions
    C2. Program 9


    Childhood Intelligence 15th release presents “The Return Of Intelligence ” by UK duo “Interlect 3000”. Far ahead of its time, the two artists composed these futuristic timeless pieces, unknowingly, for generations to come. The album pays homage to the early days, fusing aspects of Techno, Trance, House, Electro, Ambient. Truly a hypnotic journey from beginning till end, live recorded & dedicated to the journey itself. Traxx which were written and recorded at Spare Room Studios, Essex and Phantasm Studios, London, between 1992 -1996 have now been rediscovered and released in 2022. Interlect 3000 as the architects of their own world are driven by passion and dedication for electronic music. A testament of skill and imagination only known to masters of their art.

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  • A.T. – Overseas [Discarded Gems 106]

    11,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Overseas
    B1. Bluephonic
    B2. Bluephonic (Dub Mix)


    We are glad to welcome the Italian veteran A.T. aka Ivan Iacobucci in our crew!
    This 3 tracker EP is a journey into the deep and hypnotic side of House and Techno.
    “Overseas” is a gritty jam for the dancefloor, while on B side two versions of “Bluephonic” explore a more atmospheric, trippy but yet groovy sound.

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  • DJ E – JMG 88’ [Baguette Magique 001]

    11,92  excl. VAT
    A1. En La Hora
    A2. Abduction Dacha
    B1. Primera Llamada
    B2. Wiz That


    Baguette Magique Records is a music company based in Madrid and established in 2021 by Thomas Moulin. The record label is a platform that promotes up-and-coming music artists, without getting cornered into any particular style and focusing on quality and longevity. BMR sound is pure, smart and hopefully timeless.
    The first release is a solo EP written and produced by Uruguayan DJ Enzo, who uses the a.k.a. DJ E for his debut as a producer. In his first record called JMG 88’, he presents a timeless and elegant four tracks EP somewhere between Techno and House with breaks, harmonic touches and Montevideo electro flavours. A1 titled “En la Hora” features Mendez.
    JMG 88’ is a visit card that will allow the world to get familiar with Baguette Magique’s universe and start drawing the picture of its unique musical identity.

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  • Glorious Springtime – RE:01 [Deeper Audio Cuts 5.1]

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. My Jupiter Rox's (Re Wurk)
    B1. Exstatic
    B2. End


    25 years after its official release, Deeper Audio Cuts “DAC002” gets a very much demanded re-issue: two split EPs that contain remastered originals from the 1997 release together with fresh, unreleased tracks dug out from Scott’s DAT archives.

    This part 1, contains “My Jupiter Rox’s (Re-Wurk)” and “End” from the original DAC002 plus the previously unreleased “Exstatic”.

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  • Neimad – One Strobe, Fog Ambient [Folklore Séries 005]

    12,99  excl. VAT
    A1. One Strobe, Fog Ambient
    A2. Da Wise Pulsation
    B1. Amazon Bleu
    B2. Bad Hangar


    Multi explorations mood on Neimad’s debut EP for his crew label

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  • Sunflower Aquarium – Untitled [Paper-Cuts007]

    17,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Intro
    A2. Edit
    A3. SA-124
    A4. Warning
    B1. Birds Of Paradise
    B2. Bubble (Contagious Mix)
    B3. Planet 4


    The debut LP from duo Sunflower Aquarium offers a full spectrum bloom into the electronic ecosystem. Dylan Batelic (Paper-Cuts) and Thomas Martin (Furious Frank) fuse together for a 7 track collection of low-slung immersive deepness, embodying a cycle of life via the ebbs and flows of sonic seasonal evolution. A collaboration of cyber synthesis; written simultaneously Melbourne through Adelaide during late 2021, the result a refined yet spontaneous take on dubbed downtempo through to driving dance deviance.

    Beginning with a birth, the stand alone Intro’s saturated glow cultivates a vivid timbre and sun kissed sub-stratosphere. Sprouting melodic constructions continue to blossom throughout the record and growing pains are welcomed with open arms, a mature moodiness brooding delicately through assured drums and fleeting Janet vocal fragments. Broken beat patterns group together and tessellate, the woven sunken bass leaves space for flickering hi hat fissure in SA-124, this groove based atmospheric momentum evolving cohesively track after track. Bright, refined concepts that linger and dissolve in your subconscious for weeks. The B Side preserves the introspective tip but dives deeper, faster; Birds Of Paradise melting organic field recordings into blissful synth voices and ricochet breaks. Bubble (Contagious Mix) feels like a midnight highway dub drive, shooting and gliding fluently; coloured lights iridescently blurred as if it was all a dream… then the closing track, which induces a sharp sense of hypnosis. Traditional techno expressions flirt with your ears, layers of repetition locked and loaded, dwindling into the abyss; conclusion of the cycle.

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  • Qik / Kamila Govorčin – Mutualismos 01 [Tecnologias Elementales 001]

    10,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Qik - Mississippi River
    A2. Qik - Río de la Plata
    B1. Kamila Govorčin - RWD
    B2. Kamila Govorcin - T
    B3. Kamila Govorčin - 2FWD


    Emerged from the debris of Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, Tecnologías Elementales is a platform run by the DJs Diamin and F.A.N.G.O. Each release is conceived as a cognitive frequency towards the intervention of the global nervous system, with the ability to affect minds and bodies alike.
    Tecnologías Elementales are ancestral and futuristic tools for inner and outer exploration: musical artifacts that seek to promote local knowledges and favor the perceptive mutations necessary to balance our lives in times of collapse.

    Mutualismos 001:
    Mutualism is defined as an interaction between species that is beneficial to both.
    For this series we invite Qik from Argentina and Kamila Govorčin from Chile, as cases of different artists coming from different environments cooperating with each other.
    Each side of the record is a world of its own, but its mere presence casts light on the other, reshaping our listening and allowing a stable equilibrium to be reached.

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  • Estupendo – San Anton – 2×12″ [The Pressure Company 003]

    19,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Gatos Serie
    A2. Hi Fi
    A3. Arrecifes
    B1. San Antón
    B2. Súper Condenser
    B3. Mentol
    C1. Abón
    C2. Bonus track 1994

    C3. Galgos (Alt.Version)
    D1. Fuí Hecho Para Marte


    Estupendo is an alternative electronic band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 1993. San Antón presents newly remastered versions and bonus tracks from the pioneering album Bistró Málaga-originally released only on CD in 1994.

    “San Antón” is a two-disc mind-bending collection of dystopian sci-fi electronica from the spaciest Buenos Aires-based legends Estupendo, reawakened and curated for the first time on vinyl by “The Pressure Company“. The record features a surreal tapestry of illuminated synthesizer layers, processed guitars, ample use of echo, blended watery pianos, and hypnotic soundscapes.

    A perfect storm of catchy melodies along with a whole cosmos of ideas and dance-culture references packaged in a bundle of underground hits.

    Relase date: 2022

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  • Aleexe ‎– The Fact Of The Matter [Panea Records]

    8,71  excl. VAT
    A1. Aleexe - Vanishing Point
    A2. Aleexe - Subaquatic Missions
    B1. Aleexe - The Trailblazer Dancer
    B2. Aleexe - Awake Statement


    Panea 004 is returning with a personal point of view by Aleexe. Expect housey atmospheres, some broken beats with powerful baselines and a delightful downtempo trip. This being the first of a trilogy of releases by Panea artists.

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