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  • Atree ‎– Fresh Like A Gardon [Shotgun Records]

    9,15  excl. VAT
    A1. Full 4zzz
    A2. Excitement From A Distance
    B1. Universal Chaos
    B2. Universal Chaos (Giammarco Orsini remix)


    SHOTGUN 003 is in the pipeline. This time our close friend from Berlin Atree aka Dartagnan of the Mannschaft with 3 og bombs and a remix from il capo di tutti I capi Giammarco Orsini. Pambo is in da house

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  • Yonder Kids ‎– Arsequake 1999–2019 [Baffling Noise] 2×12″

    17,00  excl. VAT
    A1. Nineth Degree Of Average
    A2. Permutation 04d
    B1. Mikrowellensittich
    B2. Okasa
    B3. Saucers want smoke

    [fap_track url="" title= "C1.-Yonder Kids - Schlock" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C1. Schlock
    [fap_track url="" title= "C2. Yonder Kids - Nu born kid" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C2. Nu born kid
    [fap_track url="" title= "C3. Yonder Kids - Scale" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C3. Scale
    [fap_track url="" title= "D1. Yonder Kids - Illui" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D1. Illui
    [fap_track url="^n-NOIZ1901.mp3" title= "D2. Yonder Kids - Baby-al^n" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D2. Baby al^n
    [fap_track url="" title= "D3. Yonder Kids - Gorian Kate" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D3. Gorian Kate


    Yonder Kids get a deserved spotlight 20 years after the journey suddenly stopped.
    A musical legacy which could have been lost in the background noise of time is finally edited, mastered and cut into vinyl.

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  • Cape ‎– Orbit Strange [Overtunes Records]

    8,69  excl. VAT
    A1. Cape - Veint
    A2. Cape - Notif
    B1. Cape - Ofri Anke
    B2. Cape - Equal

    What do we want to talk about? We want to talk about music, over the tunes or about tones? We want to talk about the different ways that the tunes or tones in a same song could be expressed and interpreted all of us. That`s why we did Overtunes to bring our gaze closer to those details that motivate us so much within this musical universe where each person can perceive on a different ways according to the environment and other certain factors that motivate our perception.

    For our debut release we have to the Argentinian producer “Cape” co boss on Savor Music and owner in “Abstrack Future” and “Rovas”, is bringing us a four-tracker release that moves from the house to the techno letting off steam some lovely touches of minimal and electro.

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  • Orbes ‎– Sick Planets [Roof Records]

    9,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Orbes - Jupiter
    A2. Orbes - Mars
    B1. Orbes - Earth
    B2. Orbes - Mercury


    The second release of Roof Records comes from the italian-based duo Orbes!
    A brilliant ep with 4 dancefloor tracks, influenced by house and techno sounds from the 90’s with spacey atmospheres and analog basslines.
    The ep is already supported by artists like Ivan Iacobucci, Anthea and Oshana to name just a few.

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    9,73  excl. VAT
    A1. Pastorius Song
    A2. Detached (LIE Detroit Appropriation mix)
    A3. Sleeping Mask
    B1. Jhazz Eigenstate
    B2. Grooveeebooxx
    B3. TRKT


    “We want to present you the new Georgian based record label and it’s debut release – Various Artists. This release is very important for us and that’s why it took over 2 years until it came to it’s final fruition, During this time the release changed its musical and visual content numerous times. Finally it consists of 6 artists: Nakashidze – Whose music represents many musical genres and unity of different stories , Nikola Kazimir & Audino Swiss mates who have already irritated nerves of many people, with their uncompromising sound ,DFO better known as Kozmana in our opinion his music is the rare case of bearing Georgian character through its sound, Sergo Chlauri – A physicist from Georgia, whose music is as mysterious and interesting as quantum physics. Track of Cobert – which will put you on a rollercoaster and you will not be able to escape from there easily. This last track on the record from ADIT is a collaboration between two co-founders of the label, so it will most likely portray the mood behind the label.” (Tesseract)

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  • ABSTRACT TUNE – 001 [ALPHA2000-001]

    9,73  excl. VAT
    A1. Track-01
    A2. Track 02
    B1. Track 003


    A collection of unreleased music from an undisclosed source going by the codename of „Abstract Tune“, possibly produced around the early 90’s, was recently acquired through a fortuitous DAT discovery in an Italian vintage market by Alpha 2000’s retrieval team.

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  • Cosmic JD ‎– Spasmodic Regard [Melcure]

    9,35  excl. VAT
    A1. Low But Why
    A2. Spasmodic Regard
    B1. A Leyend Referral
    B2. Pensive Abstraction


    – Low but Why? Said the guy with the spasmodic regard
    – Because this could lead us to pensive abstraction of our memories.
    – Well the legend’s referral could be the solution

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