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  • Estupendo – San Anton – 2×12″ [The Pressure Company 003]

    19,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Gatos Serie
    A2. Hi Fi
    A3. Arrecifes
    B1. San Antón
    B2. Súper Condenser
    B3. Mentol
    C1. Abón
    C2. Bonus track 1994

    [fap_track url="" title="C3. Estupendo - Galgos (Alt.Version)" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C3. Galgos (Alt.Version)
    [fap_track url="í-Hecho-Para-Marte.mp3" title="D1. Estupendo - Fuí Hecho Para Marte" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D1. Fuí Hecho Para Marte


    Estupendo is an alternative electronic band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 1993. San Antón presents newly remastered versions and bonus tracks from the pioneering album Bistró Málaga-originally released only on CD in 1994.

    “San Antón” is a two-disc mind-bending collection of dystopian sci-fi electronica from the spaciest Buenos Aires-based legends Estupendo, reawakened and curated for the first time on vinyl by “The Pressure Company“. The record features a surreal tapestry of illuminated synthesizer layers, processed guitars, ample use of echo, blended watery pianos, and hypnotic soundscapes.

    A perfect storm of catchy melodies along with a whole cosmos of ideas and dance-culture references packaged in a bundle of underground hits.

    Relase date: 2022

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  • Format ‎– #1 [Only One Music 06]

    13,20  excl. VAT
    A1. Deep Sleep
    A2. Solid Session
    B1. Destination
    B2. Ya Cant Stop Me


    The Only One imprint returns with their sixth instalment of the series after a bunch of absolute winners by the likes of Ron Trent and Stasis, among others. For this latest outing they’ve invited Orlando Voorn down with his Format project, which means deep house beats and sci-fi-leaning melodies. The winner on here has to be “Destination”, where gorgeous pads unwind beneath swinging slabs of percussion and a militant, heads-down beat structure. This is Voorn at his best and we love to see the man putting out some proper house music alongside his more usual techno shade.

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  • N-Gynn – Pull Up EP [HighPath 004]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Pull Up (Rough Ready Acid mix)
    A2. Bumpin Gurnin
    B1. Lover (Erotica version)
    B2. Acid Drops



    London based producer Nick Gynn is best known for his work with Superlux Records but lands here on Highpath with is signature tech sounds. ‘Pull Up’ (Rough & Ready Acid mix) opens up with a slinky grover and rasping bass that pumps any party. ‘Bumpin & Gurnin’ cuts loose on a trippy vibe with withering synth lines over chunky house funk and ‘Pull Up’ (Lover Erotica version) then slips into a deeper vibe, with taught and pinging kicks and razor sharp hi hats. ‘Acid Drops’ is last but might be the best with its more atmospheric and organic sounds.

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  • Enrico Mantini – 1992 Unreleased Gems

    11,29  excl. VAT
    A1. U Feel It
    A2. Loca
    B1. Life Wine
    B2. Can't Take


    Four smacking deep house cuts from Enrico Mantini, whose nostalgia-tinged glasses are cast all the way back to 1992, when the bulk of his ‘unreleased gems’ were produced. All set to tape and nearly forgotten, the vibe of these bits is unparalleled, recalling the rough n’ readiness of our two favourite Todds, Terry and Edwards. ‘U Feel It’ waterfalls through resampled soul sample cut-ups, while ‘Loca’ continues to bubble outwards via a restrained organ and 808 hue. Sexy, Mr. Fingery styled basses ensue on the cloudier ‘Life Wine’, while ‘Can’t Take’ closes on dubbier and grottier territories

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  • Alex Dima – Do You Know Da Wae? Ep – [Coordinate Records 003]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Alex Dima - Circa 98
    A2. Alex Dima - Stuck In To
    B1. Alex Dima - Automated Age
    B2. Alex Dima - Sonic Dream
    B3. Alex Dima - Nostalgic Awareness


    Coordinate Records is back after a while with a new Ep signed by Alex Dima.

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  • Various – Unsilenced VA-Vol.2 [Unsilenced 002]

    11,69  excl. VAT
    A1. Oward - Messe Basse
    A2. Admo - Expensives Pleasures (Ibizere mix)
    B1. Adam Collins - Where You From
    B2. Borren - Dat Djooz


    Starting this year strong with our second release!
    On the menu, 4 amazing producers and 4 solid tracks.
    All reunited within the same universe, this compilation is filled with house, tech-house, and UKG sounds.
    * A1 is brought by Oward. The French producer delivers a track full of grooves, breaks, and cheeky vocals.
    * A2 is by the man himself Admo. This one is a groovy tech-house cut. A lot of drums and a sick bassline.
    * B1 is from the man who needs no introduction, Adam Collins. Raw tech-house sound delivered on a silver platter.
    * B2 closing up this VA is Borren. The Dutch producer has many talents and he proves it with this UKG/Speed garage cut.”

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  • Robin Ordell – Thinkbelt Ep [No time County 002]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Thinkbelt
    A2. What is it
    B1. Timecomp
    B2. Retrace Your Steps
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  • 616LAB03 616 – 616 LAB #3

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. 347
    A2. 357
    B1. 326
    B2. 283


    After this long period of pandemic and staying at home, these tracks represent a glimmer on which to look out and have the hope of soon returning all together to party.

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  • Shonky & Otis – Humanizer [Stoned Pilot 001]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Humanizer
    A2. Milka FM
    B1. Time Span
    B2. Creative Solutions


    Berlin-based French selector Shonky adds a new dimension to his music career with the launch of his brand new label, Stoned Pilot. Inspired by his love of collaboration, the platform will focus exclusively on collaborative projects with each new release. At his studio in Berlin Shonky has assembled a mouthwatering array of equipment; vintage synths, drum machines and sequencers. The set up allows him to cultivate a highly creative atmosphere – a playground for those who visit – and the resulting productions exude the kind of energy that you typically find during liberating jam sessions. Shonky cites the studio, and its many playthings, as a key part of his growth as an artist. While everyone he invites to join for a session leaves feeling invigorated by the experience.

    On the first release he appears with Otis, an Italian producer who lived in the same building as him. Through lockdown the two men became better acquainted and they decided to hit the studio together. The result is the Humanizer EP, featuring four cuts that encompass the merging of Shonky and Otis’ individual styles into one cohesive body of work. On the EP the duo delve into the deeper side of the dance floor, utilising bass, rhythm and energy to explore varying styles and tempos, tinged with an air of mystery.

    So the stage is set, Stoned Pilot heralds a new phase in Shonky’s career, from global tours, to his exemplary back catalogue and now label owner with a core ethos centred on creative collaboration.

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  • Hardacre – Hardacre 002

    10,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Control
    A2. Dream Sequence
    B1. Future
    B2. The Awakening


    Proudly introducing this second instalment in the Hardacre label series:
    Harnessing the sounds of UK rave, breakbeat, techno, trance and acid are four must have tracks ready to take your sound systems to the outer limits of time and space.
    The journey begins with ‘Control’, an intergalactic dancefloor shaker fuelled by its ruthless 303 acid line and breakbeat percussions. ‘Dream Sequence’ then takes you deeper into the cosmos, intertwining hypnotic melodies and pads with a coruscating bass line.
    ‘Future’ then delivers a juggernaut for your bass bins packing a pacey concoction of breakbeat and bass before ‘The Awakening’ concludes the voyage through its trance melodies and otherworldly pads.

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  • Federico Molinari – Bassline Generation [Hold On Catalina 001]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Federico Molinari - Noveno
    A2. Federico Molinari - Bassline Generation
    B1. Federico Molinari - Dosificado
    B2. Federico Molinari - Tritter


    HOLD ON CATALINA is the new label of Federico Molinari (co-founder of Oslo Records) and DFUNKLUB. Aligned with the freestyle concept of the label, Federico Molinari kicks off HOC with a release called “Bassline Generation”, which goes from downtempo to house with some electronic and acid elements.

    Release date: Soon on 2021

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  • Unknown Artist – STAXX 001 [STAXX Records]

    9,29  excl. VAT
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  • Human Mesh Dance ‎– Hyaline – Extended [re:discovery 003]

    12,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Sunflower
    A2. Human 2
    A3. Moonflower
    B1. Counterflower
    B2. Dive
    B3. Dahlia


    On behalf of rediscovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the Hyaline EP Extended by Human Mesh Dance. New York native and multi-talented media artist Taylor Deupree, was the man behind this electronic act. Taylor was a fixture in the Northeastern American electronic music scene in so many ways. From art design for Instinct Records entire first decade of discography to being a part of legendary live acid techno act Prototype 909. He was also one half of the highly regarded Seti ambient project and by the late 1990’s thru today, he has run 12k records to over 100+ ambient releases from artists around the world. rediscovery focuses in on his debut Hyaline EP from 1993 from early on in his career (which we added 2 additional Human Mesh Dance tracks never on vinyl). A post-rave audio glimpse into the bedroom sound of the Aquasphere; Taylor’s home studio that helped give birth to the sound of Instinct Ambient. Chill out on the verge of the new millennium. Spacey melodics, futuristic visions and sci-fi themes were the inspiration for a new brand of deeper sounds that challenged listeners on couches instead of warehouses. The analogue verging on a digital sunrise having some re-define their definition of ‘what is trance?

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  • Aleexe – Looking Forward Ep [Rovas 004]

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. My Shoulder Is Your Shoulder
    A2. Teson
    B1. Teapetesis
    B2. Comprehension

    200 limited copies

    “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

    Rovas presents Aleexe (Panea Records) with a solid four-tracker EP that provides a complete experience into this inspiring artist’s intellect.

    My Shoulder is Your Shoulder”, kicks off this EP with a highly danceable and dense vibe. Deep synths evolve with snappy percusions and a bassline that leaves no doubt: this is going to be serious shit. “Teson” follows on the same side getting the table ready, with some breaky vibes and a resting bassline, mastered by cheeky vocals and playful synths.

    The B side seems to spread a brighter atmosphere designed for the daytime, delivering stripped back and sensual contrasting tracks. “Teapetesis” incorporates great melodies and rolling riffs that bring the energy flow up until the end. Lastly, “Comprehension” gives a closing with the perfect dreamy calmness.

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  • Mat Roz – Orange Sunshine [Overtunes 003]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Crab's Dab
    A2. Electrolux
    B1. Orange Sunshine (Club Mix)
    B2. Mat Roz - Orange Sunshine


    We always remember the good vibes of the sun from an orange summer sunset.
    This time all those energies are combined in our new release by Mat Roz “Orange Sunshine Ep”. Mat is our new Brazilian talent based at Sao Paulo city, where he was inspired by the surround to give shape and color to his first release.
    Some masterpieces come together with trancy techno, breaks, elektro and house that make this release a real banger for djs.

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  • Peace 6 + Whoann – Aerial Excursions [2 x 12″ Not On Label]

    25,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Peace 6 - Cumulus
    A2. Peace 6 - Aerial Excursions
    A3. Peace 6 + Whoann - Mental Map
    A4. Peace 6 - Celestial Cue
    B1. Peace 6 - Follow the Sun
    B2. Peace 6 + Whoann - Lovebirds
    B3. Peace 6 + Whoann - Feather of Dawn

    [fap_track url="" title="B4. Peace 6 + Whoann - Gliding Flock" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] B4. Peace 6 + Whoann – Gliding Flock
    [fap_track url="" title="C1. Peace 6 - Hawk Eye" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C1. Peace 6 – Hawk Eye
    [fap_track url="" title="C2. Peace 6 - Quantum Coherence" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C2. Peace 6 – Quantum Coherence
    [fap_track url="" title="C3. Peace 6 - Latitudinal Gradients" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C3. Peace 6 – Latitudinal Gradients
    [fap_track url="" title="C4. Peace 6 - Stratus" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C4. Peace 6 – Stratus
    [fap_track url="" title="D1. Peace 6 - Time Sense" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D1. Peace 6 – Time Sense
    [fap_track url="" title="D2. Peace 6 + Whoann - Cirrus" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D2. Peace 6 + Whoann – Cirrus
    [fap_track url="" title="D3. Peace 6 - Internal Clock" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D3. Peace 6 – Internal Clock
    [fap_track url="" title="D4. Peace 6 + Whoann - Sterna" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D4. Peace 6 + Whoann – Sterna


    Aerial Excursions LP emerged from the union of TXL (SUR, Minor Planet, Broquade) & Andser (Berlin based producer from Palma De Mallorca) from an intrinsic reflection during lockdown in 2020.
    The more exposed to isolation they were, the more they needed to transform it into positivity and union, seeking it through slower & peaceful frequencies. This naturally gave them a break from their individual dancefloor-oriented projects.
    Joining forces with their dearest friend Whoann on six tracks, creating a new aka called “3PS”, they turned a series of recording sessions into a magical journey.

    Limited double edition of 100 copies to sell. 180gr. Black vinyl.
    Contains 3 download codes for all their releases on digital format + Peace6 Sticker.

    Mastered by: AnalogCut Studio

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  • Various – WAR1203 [Warning Recordings]

    10,89  excl. VAT
    A1. Giraffi Dog Feat. Erik Jäähalli - Members Of Warning
    A2. Erik Jäähalli Feat. Giraffi Dog - Shout Outs
    B1. Henry 3000 - Connect The Dots
    B2. Henry 3000 & DJ Hummer - Kid Wizard Gate


    The 12” starts with the euphoric rave anthem “Members of Warning 2021” by Giraffi Dog & Erik Jähalli. A track title some of you might recognize which will bring peace and harmony to your mind again but also reflects the everyday struggle in autotuneish melancholy. Second we have the heartwarming Hip Hop cut “Shout Outs” which is dedicated to da family and our sweet raver posse. The B side hits different as Henry 3000 is a G when it comes to baba Electro bombs while DJ Hummer understands to cool it down in trancy Westcoast Funk manner.

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  • Lukey – Other Worlds Vol. 1 [Carpet & Snares Records 003]

    10,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Glitch Machine
    A2. Explore More
    B1. One With The Force
    B2. Utopia


    Dublin producer Lukey has his finger firmly on the pulse of the sounds emanating from Berlin and London’s newly awakening dancefloors, as proven by this stellar debut for Carpet & Snares’ LAB series. Contemporary club music is all about opening up the space between genres and filling it with something at once referential and new, and this EP is no exception. Other Worlds Vol. 1 effortlessly blends house, techno, electro and breaks into a mature sound world that’s both tight and expansive, funky and tough, contemplative and right down to business. Get moving with Vol. 1, and watch out for Vol. 2 coming soon!

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  • Fader Cap – Brainwash Ep [Straight 2 it recordings 01]

    10,59  excl. VAT
    A1. Keys For Raldo
    A2. Rush
    B1. The Journey 3am (Extended Mix)


    The first vinyl release from s2i Recordings introduces Fader Cap (previously Sedgwick). An existential trip across 3 tracks recorded in one 12 hour session, with the source material written for live-performance in early 2021. Heavy on the 303, with rhythmic propulsion for the breaks-inclined heads. Tinged with heavy nostalgia for the atmosphere of DIY sound systems in the Australian bush.

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    10,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Koolmorf - K2 PGG Bouncy
    A2. Binary Digit - Hsv-Tek
    B1. Ryan James Ford - Royal Stag
    B2. ZDR - Farther Afield


    Dream Ticket celebrates 10 releases on this planet with a VA matching old label favourites with fresh new blood. Multidisciplinary artist Koolmorf Widesen kicks things off with a madcap acid squirmer that will terrorize your sense of direction as much as it moves your body, before DT stalwart Binary Digit hits us with his latest signature braindance pounder. On the flip, Ryan James Ford, another DT alumni, brings us a techno banger that marries the best of Detroit and Berlin, then newcomer ZDR closes things out with stuttering, dreamy piece of jungly dnb magic. Here’s to the next 10!

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  • Pawel’s Bar – Pawel’s Desert Trip [Kame House Records 008]

    14,80  excl. VAT
    A1. Welwitschia
    A2. Refresh Recycle
    A3. Many Birds
    B1. Pharaohs
    B2. Beach Night


    When the great mystic Meister Eckhart went out from Gotha into the world to investigate the states of the souls of the clergy, the faithful and mankind in general, he soon ended up in the desert regions. A flash of lightning quickly passed through him, one of insight: the desert is us, it is within us. It is the place of total contemplation, a fortress of solitude. The real desert, whether Gobi, Sahara or Atacama, on the other hand, is populated: by animals, small and large, crawling and flying; by plants, prickly, green, brown or in permanent sleep; by billions of micro and macro-organisms. PAWEL, your insights are like those of the mystic: THE DESERT IS ALIVE!

    PAWEL’S BAR is the alias of Leipzig based Marvin Uhde aka QNETE. While as the latter he’s known for sophisticated house and shows a preference for breakbeats, Pawel’s Bar is much more reserved and subtle. Its dub and downbeat structures that build the foundation on »Pawel’s Desert Trip«. Instead of facing the dancefloor head-on, tracks like the shimmering WELWITSCHIA, the mellow MANY BIRDS or the nature-dubby PHARAOHS work excellently as companions for any life situation. Rather soundtracks of withdrawal than mere ecstatic escapism. Big feelings. Meanwhile, on RECYCLE, REFRESH and BEACH NIGHTS you can hear why QNETE is such a sought-after DJ and producer (X-Kalay, Shtum or 777): a deep knowledge of what a party might need, although nobody expects it – as Pawel’s Bar he can prove this knowledge as well, even if he tries to disguise it.
 With this, he also follows the rumor that has been around for a few years about the Kame House Records: This is where great producers come to think outside the box and deliver their unexpectedly best records.

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    11,69  excl. VAT
    A1. 03049
    A2. Stay The Night
    B1. Need Some More
    B2. Can We Still Hang
    B3. Hey Deejay


    After what feels like an eternity, we can finally reclaim our dance floors. Get ready to dust off your dancing shoes, and don’t worry, Malugi will provide you with just the right tools to come back with a bang.
    Not a newcomer to the dance music scene, with his own event series Club Heart Broken, Malugi is stepping up to begin releasing some of his own productions. On his new EP ‘Stay The Night’ Malugi mixes several genres, crossing boundaries from pumpy House all the way through to pulsing Techno and rough Electro, with a Pop sensitivity, that he is best known for.
    The sixth release from SNC Recs is sure to make you want to stay the night and it’s more than safe to say that Malugi’s energy will make any dance floor shake.

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  • Microman, Temple, Sasha Zlykh, Iberian – V.A. [RKOD-30]

    13,20  excl. VAT
    A1. Microman - Surfising In Berlin
    A2. Temple - Bool
    B1. Sasha Zlykh - Deemasi
    B2. Iberian - Optimus Bogaloo


    RKOD is at its third release and once again it gathers together a collection of previously unreleased music from underground veterans and newcomers. Sweden’s legendary Microman, diggers favourite Temple from UK, Ukraine rising star Sasha Zlykh and Spain’s legendary Alex Martin under his Iberian guise.
    This is a limited pressing of 150 copies.

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  • Worm Class – Tooth And Nail [Eupasia 003]

    11,25  excl. VAT
    A1. Vertical
    A2. Watching Figures
    B1. Organic Carbon
    B2. Watching Figures


    Succeeding the two first release, Eupasia returns with another work carving the label’s distinct sound excursions. Half Techno and half Electro infused, with a hint of Minimal, Tooth and Nail sets the tone of the newest alias Worm Class by André Leiria. A 4-track EP ready to be thrown straight into the darker rooms, padding them with heavy basslines and bright, sleek drums.

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  • H:B:E:M – Neon Sun EP [H:B:E:M 002]

    11,20  excl. VAT
    A1. Neon Sun
    A2. Solar System
    B1. Neon Sun (Dan Piu Acid Mellow Mix)
    A2. Solar System


    Light is the only thing that agrees

    -its warmth

    is an out of this world language

    neon sun (knows no intervals) it only exists without ceasing
    it just burns,
    while everything else is unable to stop growing.

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  • Sunaas – Master Blaster EP [Chat Noir Rec 005]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Who's the Bad Guy
    A2. Hi Mr. Hyde
    B1. Ratabah
    B2. Krishna Runner


    Another debut on Chat Noir Tools! Sunaas is up next with his Master Blaster EP, a powerful blend of electro, house, breaks & downtempo with touches of 80’s movies samples. The young producer follows up the CNT mantra with amazing dancefloor weapons.

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  • Various Artists – W49B [Nebulae Records 09]

    13,60  excl. VAT
    A1. Curios - Warbling Tundra
    A2. Lee - Kindred (Mause's Breakbeat Bonanza Mix)
    A3. António Sá - The Mnlg
    A4. Rico Casazza & CPSL - 11.11
    B1. Caramel Chameleon - Strobed Alabastro
    B2. Dopefist - Does Everyone Feel This Way
    B3. Adhesive - Trisolaran
    Uf0 - I Like Your Girlfriend


    “The strongest affection and utmost zeal should promote the studies concerned with the most beautiful objects. This is the discipline that deals with the universe’s divine revolutions, the stars’ motions, sizes, distances, risings and settings… for what is more beautiful than heaven?” –


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  • Franco Falsini – Baffling Noise 2 [Baffling Noise 21-01]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Freedom In A Dark Age
    A2. Rolling Tapes
    B1. MedioEvo InterFerences
    B2. Zolle


    Baffling Noise (seekers sublabel) coming back after the album of Yonder kids with a 4 tracks EP produced by Interactive Test boss Franco Falsini.

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  • ISAbella – Audio Exótica EP [MARICAS Records 001]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Extrema
    A2. Floating C2
    B1. Track 90
    B2. Keta Jungle
    B3. Contacto


    Introducing the first release on MARICAS Records from the Barcelona queer collective. After three years of living the Maricas techno-pervy-loving lifestyle and spreading their message of freedom and love in their hometown and beyond, it was time to share the music they love and live by. With their very own imprint, they strive to lift up and showcase their family of queer artists and spread their sound to parties and after parties all around the world.

    The first EP is delivered by none other than resident and co-founders ISAbella. She makes her debut with a solid five tracker, which bounces between house and breaks, all with a touch of old school. Hard-hitting drums and crispy perc are blended with just the right amount of dirty Rave and Electro flavours.

    The A side kicks off with the dance-floor-banger Extrema, a driving house weapon rich in synth textures and stabs. Each layer takes its turn to be heard over the fat bass line, before combining into a dense melodic texture at the climax. This is sure to crush any dance floor.

    Side B features Contacto, which perfectly encapsulates the Maricas sound. Deep, dreamy layers of atmosphere and the ethereal, euphoric melodies floating above are driven forward by a crunchy breaks riff and an airy but tough four to the floor kick.

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  • Papolious Jones – Volume Two [Top Rhythm Boppers 002]

    10,65  excl. VAT
    A.1 We're The OGs (Original Ghosts)
    A2. Papolino's Journey Into Hyperconscience
    B.1 Ancestral Love
    B2. Let's Start Again Shall We


    Mr Jones is back from a trip down memory lane, digging in deep to bring you musical funk for the mind, body and soul. Picking up from where we left off, we take it a step further into more ambiguous, emotionally complex territory. After all, these have been trying times, haven’t they?
    We begin with the hauntingly familiar melody of ghostly lovers who meet through generations in “We’re The OGs (Original Ghosts)”, and then we traverse to “Papolino’s Journey Into Hyperconscience” – the italo soundtrack for the end of the world. For the flip side, we live a tale of separation turned into soul-inspired electronics in “Ancestral Love”, and we end with “Let’s Start Again, Shall We?” – a groovy synth conversation that swings into introspection.
    TRBO’s sophomore release adds another chapter to an unfolding story of inspiration through nostalgia. We will meet again in the future.

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  • Noiro & Alyhas, JL. – From Da Split 3 [Increase The Groove Records 013]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Noiro & Alyhas – Cathod
    A2. Noiro & Alyhas – Body Flap
    A3. Noiro & Alyhas – Bamba Détox
    B1. JL. – Electronique
    B2. JL. – Ready
    B3. JL. – Game


    From da Split III, is composed of House, minimal and downtempo tracks. An EP of 3 tracks / side, with Noiro & Alyhas on A side and JL. on B side. The idea of these mini EP is to “increase” the music through the genres and the bpm in order to make the public travel in the universe of the artists.

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  • Ish – Psychedelic Renaissance LP [System Error]

    10,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Ish - Psychedelic Renaissance
    A2. Ish - Optimised Tripping
    A3. Ish - Friends And Enemies
    B1. Ish - Welcome Future Generation
    B2. Ish - Anorganic Motions
    B3. Ish - Moving Ceiling


    Ish Returns To System Error With Drum & Bass Infused LP titled “Psychedelic Renaissance”.

    Berlin based artist and live performer, Ish, showcases his diverse productions once more on the quickly establishing, System Error imprint. Taking care of the launch of their ERROR300 series. The “Psychedelic Renaissance” LP is for the versatile tastemakers amongst us, focusing on a drum & bass style with a futuristic edge. The album meanders through six tracks that sum up the genre straining ethos the System Error brand continues to push, embracing the unique, and propelling otherworldly sound environments for listeners to enjoy.
“Psychedelic Renaissance” sees the Swiss producer utilise his vast musical knowledge, proving his versatility once more with an intriguing body of work that sits comfortably under the System Error umbrella as they inaugurate their Drum & Bass offshoot, ERROR300.

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  • Not Even Noticed – Persistent Textures EP [Chat Noir 004]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Backyard Dreams
    A2. Persistent Textures
    B1. Quaisen
    B2. Access Mode


    Frankfurt based duo not even noticed is up next on Chat Noir Rec !
    not even noticed is a project dedicated to broken beats, dreamy pads and ravy sounds, founded in early 2020 while the world was going crazy due to the corona virus. The Persistent Textures EP catches several vibes that not even noticed stands for with liquid acid lines in Quaisen and Backyard Dreams, dreamy pads in Backyard Dreams and a rave feel in Access Mode.

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  • Lewis ‎– Isolate EP [Exarde 004]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Cold Coffee
    A2. Electroz
    B1. Isolate
    B2. Project 4


    Even the all-time party goers can lose their sparkle in these cruel and quarantined times by getting stuck at home for too long. But for one of Moscow’s finest DJ-crews it’s hasn’t been the case.

    The fourth vinyl instalment on the label’s roster is a hard bumping debut EP from the UK-born/Swedish-based musician – Lewis. He has brought a bunch of analogue equipment and just the right moves to produce this dance floor ready 4-tracker, seasoned with classy electro and of course just a drop of acid straight from the 90-s. Enjoy with professional care.

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  • Sasha Nevolin – In The Future We Trust [Physical Education 007]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Highlight
    A2. Gas Station
    B1. In The Future We Trust
    B2. Someone


    Brand new tracks by Sasha Nevolin on the next Physical Education release.

    Following collaborations with Club Vision and Voiceless, the Belarusian producer joins the family with a serious four tracker containing some of his finest cuts. 

    Expect an EP full of playful 90s infused breaks, rolling hypnotic basslines & dreamy electro soundscapes.

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