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  • Babu – Play My Game Ep [Baguette Magique 002]

    11,99  excl. tax
    A1. Babu - The Chamber
    A2. Babu - Play My Game
    B1. Babu - Radio Transmission
    B2. Babu - Alpedrete House


    Baguette Magique returns with four original tracks produced by Madrid’s own Babu, who shares with us a beautiful and timeless piece of work.
    The Ep starts off with “The Chamber”, a perfect intro to the electric energy of the record with a mischievous bass line, laser sounds and trippy chopped-off vocals from video game Halo that welcomes you literally into’s Babu’s universe.
    Then comes “Play My Game” which shares the same name of the EP as we consider it to be the center piece of the record. A timeless electro gem, cut for the club and for the after hours.
    The beautiful deep bass, malicious synths and ominous robotic voices are genuine and powerful. The Madrid based producer keeps on giving bangers for the club on the flip side with “Radio Transmission”.
    The electricity is tangible in this hybrid track between Minimal, Techno and Electro topped off with glitchy fx and looped vocals. We conclude the ride with the lovely retro house track “Alpedrete House”. The deeper and groovier sounds make it the romantic cut from the record to dance and maybe fall in love on the dance floor.

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  • Two Phase U – Face Four [Corvina Records 001]

    11,99  excl. tax
    A1. Two Phase U - Saboteurs
    A2. Two Phase U - Bosmang
    B1. Two Phase U - Toldya
    B2. Two Phase U - Say No To Yes


    Face Four is the comeback of Two Phase U in a full Ep format, continuing the Face saga started in 2019. This time the 4 track collection is a trip through different styles and moods, with music ranging from gentle, warm-uppers to main hour bangers. Dark dystopian statements alongside hopeful harmonies and invigorating vocal samples. Full of golden-era stylistic sound references and the characteristic dynamic grooves of Two Phase U’s rythmical approach.

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  • Lakeman – Inner Rhythms [Hold On Catalina 002]

    11,39  excl. tax
    A2. 2GSPD
    B1. makeitdontfakeit
    B2. Woop

    B3. DU BIST SO


    Argentinean – Berlin based emerging talent producer Lakeman, delivers his debut EP titled Inner Rythms on the second release of Federico Molinari and Dfunklub’s imprint Hold On Catalina.
    Six trippy and effective tracks for all moods, that go from downtempo, to dub, house and electro with analog sounds that reminds the 80’s euro electronic scene. 

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  • DJ E – JMG 88’ [Baguette Magique 001]

    11,92  excl. tax
    A1. En La Hora
    A2. Abduction Dacha
    B1. Primera Llamada
    B2. Wiz That


    Baguette Magique Records is a music company based in Madrid and established in 2021 by Thomas Moulin. The record label is a platform that promotes up-and-coming music artists, without getting cornered into any particular style and focusing on quality and longevity. BMR sound is pure, smart and hopefully timeless.
    The first release is a solo EP written and produced by Uruguayan DJ Enzo, who uses the a.k.a. DJ E for his debut as a producer. In his first record called JMG 88’, he presents a timeless and elegant four tracks EP somewhere between Techno and House with breaks, harmonic touches and Montevideo electro flavours. A1 titled “En la Hora” features Mendez.
    JMG 88’ is a visit card that will allow the world to get familiar with Baguette Magique’s universe and start drawing the picture of its unique musical identity.

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  • Estupendo – San Anton – 2×12″ [The Pressure Company 003]

    19,49  excl. tax
    A1. Gatos Serie
    A2. Hi Fi
    A3. Arrecifes
    B1. San Antón
    B2. Súper Condenser
    B3. Mentol
    C1. Abón
    C2. Bonus track 1994

    C3. Galgos (Alt.Version)
    D1. Fuí Hecho Para Marte


    Estupendo is an alternative electronic band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 1993. San Antón presents newly remastered versions and bonus tracks from the pioneering album Bistró Málaga-originally released only on CD in 1994.

    “San Antón” is a two-disc mind-bending collection of dystopian sci-fi electronica from the spaciest Buenos Aires-based legends Estupendo, reawakened and curated for the first time on vinyl by “The Pressure Company“. The record features a surreal tapestry of illuminated synthesizer layers, processed guitars, ample use of echo, blended watery pianos, and hypnotic soundscapes.

    A perfect storm of catchy melodies along with a whole cosmos of ideas and dance-culture references packaged in a bundle of underground hits.

    Relase date: 2022

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  • Federico Molinari – Bassline Generation [Hold On Catalina 001]

    10,29  excl. tax
    A1. Federico Molinari - Noveno
    A2. Federico Molinari - Bassline Generation
    B1. Federico Molinari - Dosificado
    B2. Federico Molinari - Tritter


    HOLD ON CATALINA is the new label of Federico Molinari (co-founder of Oslo Records) and DFUNKLUB. Aligned with the freestyle concept of the label, Federico Molinari kicks off HOC with a release called “Bassline Generation”, which goes from downtempo to house with some electronic and acid elements.

    Release date: Soon on 2021

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  • Aleexe – Looking Forward Ep [Rovas 004]

    10,99  excl. tax
    A1. My Shoulder Is Your Shoulder
    A2. Teson
    B1. Teapetesis
    B2. Comprehension

    200 limited copies

    “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

    Rovas presents Aleexe (Panea Records) with a solid four-tracker EP that provides a complete experience into this inspiring artist’s intellect.

    My Shoulder is Your Shoulder”, kicks off this EP with a highly danceable and dense vibe. Deep synths evolve with snappy percusions and a bassline that leaves no doubt: this is going to be serious shit. “Teson” follows on the same side getting the table ready, with some breaky vibes and a resting bassline, mastered by cheeky vocals and playful synths.

    The B side seems to spread a brighter atmosphere designed for the daytime, delivering stripped back and sensual contrasting tracks. “Teapetesis” incorporates great melodies and rolling riffs that bring the energy flow up until the end. Lastly, “Comprehension” gives a closing with the perfect dreamy calmness.

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  • Mat Roz – Orange Sunshine [Overtunes 003]

    10,39  excl. tax
    A1. Crab's Dab
    A2. Electrolux
    B1. Orange Sunshine (Club Mix)
    B2. Mat Roz - Orange Sunshine


    We always remember the good vibes of the sun from an orange summer sunset.
    This time all those energies are combined in our new release by Mat Roz “Orange Sunshine Ep”. Mat is our new Brazilian talent based at Sao Paulo city, where he was inspired by the surround to give shape and color to his first release.
    Some masterpieces come together with trancy techno, breaks, elektro and house that make this release a real banger for djs.

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  • Peace 6 + Whoann – Aerial Excursions [2 x 12″ Not On Label]

    25,99  excl. tax
    A1. Peace 6 - Cumulus
    A2. Peace 6 - Aerial Excursions
    A3. Peace 6 + Whoann - Mental Map
    A4. Peace 6 - Celestial Cue
    B1. Peace 6 - Follow the Sun
    B2. Peace 6 + Whoann - Lovebirds
    B3. Peace 6 + Whoann - Feather of Dawn

    B4. Peace 6 + Whoann – Gliding Flock
    C1. Peace 6 – Hawk Eye
    C2. Peace 6 – Quantum Coherence
    C3. Peace 6 – Latitudinal Gradients
    C4. Peace 6 – Stratus
    D1. Peace 6 – Time Sense
    D2. Peace 6 + Whoann – Cirrus
    D3. Peace 6 – Internal Clock
    D4. Peace 6 + Whoann – Sterna


    Aerial Excursions LP emerged from the union of TXL (SUR, Minor Planet, Broquade) & Andser (Berlin based producer from Palma De Mallorca) from an intrinsic reflection during lockdown in 2020.
    The more exposed to isolation they were, the more they needed to transform it into positivity and union, seeking it through slower & peaceful frequencies. This naturally gave them a break from their individual dancefloor-oriented projects.
    Joining forces with their dearest friend Whoann on six tracks, creating a new aka called “3PS”, they turned a series of recording sessions into a magical journey.

    Limited double edition of 100 copies to sell. 180gr. Black vinyl.
    Contains 3 download codes for all their releases on digital format + Peace6 Sticker.

    Mastered by: AnalogCut Studio

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  • Various – Aurea 004 [Aurea Music Lab]

    8,69  excl. tax
    A1. Marcos Coya - Shadows
    A2. Ultrahigh - Scoville
    B1. Delorean - Designated Driver
    B2. Aleexe - Effluence


    Aurea Music Lab reaches its fourth release commanded by Marcos Coya, Ultrahigh, Delorean and Aleexe, delivering this time again four different weapons oriented to the dancefloor.
    The Uruguayan producer Marcos Coya opens this EP with “Shadows”, a super groovy track full of acid and sitting trance synths that will make clubbers fly high on a ruling melody that is constantly moving.
    For the ones that doesn´t know, “Scoville” is the unit for measuring spiciness, and this track by Ultrahigh is full of it. Expect heavy low frequencies dancing alongside spooky melodic synths and classic 909 drums.
    On the B side, a smooth and playful trip from Delorean’s “Designated Driver” ruled by different elements that come along together making every second of this track full of groove and happy melodies count.
    Lastly Aleexe comes into play with “Effluence”, where you’ll find some special soundscapes and extremely dynamic vibes. Pumping bassline, gated synths and swingy percussions on it are capable of moving even your grandma´s feet.

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  • Goris Lecker – From Scratch [Kreisless]

    8,73  excl. tax
    A1. Nonsuade
    A2. Frust
    B1. Donin
    B2. Ceibo


    Kreisless first release kicks off with four minutely worked tracks by Berlin based artist Goris Lecker. A trip through acid sounds synth melodies, energetic rhythms along with deep enticing atmospheres. Starting with Nonsaude, a prominent breakbeat enriched by a subtly distorted bass and an euphoric stab. Followed by Frust switching to a dark late-night mood where techno sounds hoard the track. On the B side jazzy Rhodes chords show up with Donin where a hypnotic 303 synth loop takes the lead. Ceibo culminates the record with a sound journey of melodies and effects.

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  • Aleexe ‎– The Fact Of The Matter [Panea Records]

    8,71  excl. tax
    A1. Aleexe - Vanishing Point
    A2. Aleexe - Subaquatic Missions
    B1. Aleexe - The Trailblazer Dancer
    B2. Aleexe - Awake Statement


    Panea 004 is returning with a personal point of view by Aleexe. Expect housey atmospheres, some broken beats with powerful baselines and a delightful downtempo trip. This being the first of a trilogy of releases by Panea artists.

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  • Cape ‎– Orbit Strange [Overtunes Records]

    8,69  excl. tax
    A1. Cape - Veint
    A2. Cape - Notif
    B1. Cape - Ofri Anke
    B2. Cape - Equal

    What do we want to talk about? We want to talk about music, over the tunes or about tones? We want to talk about the different ways that the tunes or tones in a same song could be expressed and interpreted all of us. That`s why we did Overtunes to bring our gaze closer to those details that motivate us so much within this musical universe where each person can perceive on a different ways according to the environment and other certain factors that motivate our perception.

    For our debut release we have to the Argentinian producer “Cape” co boss on Savor Music and owner in “Abstrack Future” and “Rovas”, is bringing us a four-tracker release that moves from the house to the techno letting off steam some lovely touches of minimal and electro.

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  • Various ‎– Hyperborea [Panea Records]

    8,71  excl. tax
    A1. Gustavo Cardenas - Breaking The Light
    A2. Aleexe - Parallax
    B1. VCO - Voltage Controlled Oscillator
    B2. Dirty Lemon - CMoon


    Paneadores, it’s about time !!
    Here you have, the snippets of our third release. This time VCO join us with one track. We want to say; as many paths in life, music it’s a way to express ourselves. Therefore, this time we want dedicate this vinyl with all our love, to Charliemoon.

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  • Dirty Lemon – Tuverah [Panea Records]

    9,29  excl. tax
    A1. Binaural Beat
    A2. Objects in the cluster
    A3. Contacidous
    B1. Miss Long
    B2. Metallic touch


    Panea Records’s fifth release “Tuverah” comes. The Berlin-based Spanish crew reveals this solo EP from “Dirty Lemon”, a crew member and Marla Records co-owner, that conveys a diverse range of styles; fresh house melodies, trippy breaks, and acid techno-trance basslines.

    Release date:16/09/2021

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  • Various ‎– Rovas 002 [Rovas]

    8,73  excl. tax
    A1. Rulo – B03
    A2. Na.cho – Har03
    B1. Sauchelli – Solid Pleasure
    B2. Neik – Hyperconnected People

    Welcome to the pleasant travel of Rovas 002. This V.A. gathers some rising talents across “el Rio de la Plata”, where some of them are making their vinyl debut.

    This is strong tech-house and electro tinged EP comes by the hands of Rulo (with his uruguayan trademark sound), Sauchelli (an argentinian producer based in Berlin) and our mysterious guy Na.cho. For the end of this journey, Neik (who doesn’t need any further introduction) is delivering an abstract and mental synths sounds combined with delightful breaks!

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  • Various ‎– Just Panning [Panea Records]

    8,71  excl. tax
    A1. Dirty-Lemon, Gustavo C. - On The Basis
    A2. Pepe Villalba - Earthbreak
    B1. Primary Perception - Voicing
    B2. Saverio Celestri - November Sun

    Panea records, is a concept based on sharing their lifestyles with all who share a passion for music. And aspiration to provide talented musicians, producers and DJs with valuable opportunities within this label..
    Four spanish friends came together in Berlin sharing their love of music. Each of them influenced by the Berlin music scene

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