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  • Professor Oz – The Lost Experiment [KMA60 Rezpektiva LP3]

    22,99  excl. tax
    A1. Professor Oz - Motiv8
    A2. Professor Oz - You Like That
    B1. Professor Oz - 2 In 1
    B2. Professor Oz - Kastle After The
    C1. Professor Oz - Elektronik
    C2. Professor Oz - Givitothem
    D1. Professor Oz - More Musik
    D2. Professor Oz - Tubos


    The third album release on our Rezpektiva label is a 2 x 12” compilation by the nutty French sonic wizard, Professor Oz. Containing 8 tracks that were produced between 1986 and 1995 these ‘Lost Experiments’ from the Prof have matured well. As always, remastered from the original DAT tapes, these recordings that have been brought to light convey the musical sounds present in the 80s and 90s and which will remain relevant for years to come.

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  • Various – Various Artist 03 [InTheBagg 003]

    12,99  excl. tax
    A1. Teak Makai - Days Gone By
    A2. ╤─ - Minimal Bange
    B1. Wink - Dream"
    B2. Miguel Seabra - Beelive


    The third record from the friends for the bag. A mix of kicks returning two familiar foes and adding two new friends to the scene. Extended instant release for this one.

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  • Gonno – JIN08 [禁 JIN 008]

    13,29  excl. tax
    A1. Gonno - Energy Flash
    A2. Gonno - Energy Flash (Voiski Remix)
    B1. Gonno - Final Hate
    B2. Gonno - Arabica


    JIN enters autumn with a familiar yet evolving sound. For our eighth release (JIN08), we are delighted to have Tokyo’s house wizard, Gonno, make his long-awaited return to JIN with a full EP, after the still talked about JIN01 quintessential remix of Initials B.B.’s “Paradise Patterns”.

    For this release, Gonno delivers 3 astonishing tracks. A1 features Gonno’s trademark melodic house bomb. B1 is an instantly mind-blowing IDM 2-1-2 floor shaker. Then for B2, he brilliantly closes out the EP with a floating ambient tune.

    Rounding out this release on A2 is Gonno’s dear friend from Paris, synth specialist Voiski, with a 4/4 remix that takes you on a uniquely classy trip.

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  • Peak Geeks – Surf Chicks! Part 1 [Burrito Records 001]

    A1. Peak Geeks - Hip Hop How?
    A2. Peak Geeks - Street 2 Shore
    A3. Peak Geeks - Street Beats
    A2. Peak Geeks - Street 2 Shore
    A5. Peak Geeks - Street Bits 2
    B1. Peak Geeks - Clap The Sun
    B2. Peak Geeks - Do Not Resist
    B3. Peak Geeks - Out On The Strand


    Gear up, get down & flip shit! IT’S PARTY TIME!!! San Diego, California’s Peak Geeks brings it in the form of real-deal west coast BREAKS, like actual f’n BREAKS!!! – for all the ladies, homies & heads far & wide, from street 2 shore!

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  • Peak Geeks – Surf Chicks! Part 2 [Burrito 002]

    13,29  excl. tax
    A1. Peak Geeks - From The Top
    A2. Peak Geeks - Kick-This
    A3. Peak Geeks - Higher Bits
    B1. Peak Geeks - Imperial Beach Breaks
    B2. Peak Geeks - Night Surf
    B3. Peak Geeks - Border Field
    B4. Peak Geeks - Higher Bits (2)


    Gear up, get down & flip shit! It’s Party Time!!! San Diego, California’s Peak Geeks brings it in the form of real-deal west coast Breaks, like actual f’n Breaks!!! – for all the ladies, homies & heads far & wide, from street 2 shore!

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  • Peak Geeks – Surf Chicks! Part 3 [Burrito Records 003]

    12,49  excl. tax
    A1. Peak Geeks - National City
    A2. Peak Geeks - Men In Grey Suits
    A3. Peak Geeks -Don't Trip
    B1. Peak Geeks - The Best
    B2. Peak Geeks - A Little Higher
    B3. Peak Geeks - Higher Beats


    Gear up, get down & flip shit! IT’S PARTY TIME!!! San Diego, California’s Peak Geeks brings it in the form of real-deal west coast BREAKS, like actual f’n BREAKS!!! – for all the ladies, homies & heads far & wide, from street 2 shore!

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  • Gwenan – Activation Energy [Marginal Returns 006]

    11,49  excl. tax
    A1. Gwenan - Rhythm Delay
    A2. Gwenan - Foundation
    B1. Gwenan - Control Change
    B2. Gwenan - Attention Movement


    Up next, Marginal Returns is happy to finally unveil Gwenan’s debut EP. Already familiar to many via her DJ sets at various notable events over the past years – from festival main-stage techno to backroom boutique ambient – 2023 finally raises the curtain on Gwenan’s studio output. 

    Activation Energy presents an elegant, particular and personable take on rhythmic electronic music, taking in A1’s downtempo, dub shrouded ‘Rhythm Delay’, the sneakily effective plucked lilt of A2 ‘Foundation’, the contemplative, emotive glide of B1 ‘Control Change’ and B2 ‘Attention Movement’s brooding syncopation.

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  • ebeats – Twilight Expanse [Cartulis 015]

    12,49  excl. tax
    A1. ebeats - Twilight Expanse
    A2. ebeats - Helion
    B1. ebeats - Twilight Expanse (Radioactive Man Remix)
    B2. Twilight Expanse (Voicedrone Remix)


    London based label and collective Cartulis Music announce their fifteenth release titled “Twilight Expanse” by New-York producer Ebeats. A reissue from the early noughties featuring a previously unreleased Ebeats cut plus two new remixes by the legendary Radioactive Man and FOLD associate Voicedrone. The title track is one near and dear to the spirit of Cartulis – an emotive journey through hazy breakbeats, sirens from faraway lands, dramatic narratives battling through each other in a nine minute long piece of music. The rest of the record swings from club-ready techno grooves to various shades of electro – dark and dubby or bright and punchy.

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  • Lakeman – Inner Rhythms [Hold On Catalina 002]

    11,39  excl. tax
    A2. 2GSPD
    B1. makeitdontfakeit
    B2. Woop

    B3. DU BIST SO


    Argentinean – Berlin based emerging talent producer Lakeman, delivers his debut EP titled Inner Rythms on the second release of Federico Molinari and Dfunklub’s imprint Hold On Catalina.
    Six trippy and effective tracks for all moods, that go from downtempo, to dub, house and electro with analog sounds that reminds the 80’s euro electronic scene. 

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  • Jotel California – Airwavez EP [Inch By Inch Records 005]

    12,49  excl. tax
    A1. Airwavez
    A2. Manta Fever
    B1. 808 Mushrooms
    B2. One Step Back


    This is the 5th installment of Inch By Inch by the young and ruthless Jotel California. Hailing from Berlin and being part of the Warning Crew he’s an expert in crispy electro sounds with the special ingredients. Check him out cause this is just the start!

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  • Facil / Prototype 909 – Excerpts From 1993-1995 [Re:Discovery 009]

    12,80  excl. tax
    A1. Facil - Tree Frog
    A2. Facil - 700x7
    B1. Prototype - 909 Transit
    B2. Prototype 909 - Planet S
    B3. Facil - Same Place


    On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the release of ‘Facil / Prototype909 – excerpts from 1993-1995’. This compilation
    celebrates some lesser known tracks that featured our good friend Dietrich Schonemann in 2 of his amazing 90’s bands. Facil is his ambient dub project with the well
    known Abe Duque. The other is the famous acid techno trio of Prototype 909 (with Taylor Deupree, Jason Szostek). These tracks have been hidden for far too long.
    The Facil tracks includes the head bobbing ‘Tree Frog’, the ambient dub bomb ‘700X7’ taken from their full legth album while ‘Same Place’ is a compilation favorite
    from those who knew Facil’s work then. Prototype 909 round out the EP with 2 techno tracks ‘Transit’ and ‘Planet S’. This jam packed EP is sure to make your chill
    out room more enjoyable.

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  • Various – Trip Wire [Axces 007]

    11,79  excl. tax
    A1. CX - Sjunne
    A2. Alfredo92 - IZA
    B1. Kasper Marott - Welcome
    B2. Popmix - Ultima


    Trip Wire’s 4 tracks all have common denominators of being moody, trippy and darker than the usual Axces europhoria. All composed from an idea of linearity whether it being the straight forward grooviness of the track IZA, the 8 minute suspenseful robotic tantra workout in Kasper Marotts “Welcome” or the more laid back in the sofa, über minimal parade in popmix’s Ultima. With the opener track “Sjunne” Sørens Kinch or CX makes a promising debut. The track is ultimately the most romantic piece of music on this next edition of Axces music frisbees, with swirling pads and a kick drum that goes deep as the ocean.

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  • HVL – Alignment EP [Appian Sounds 016]

    14,50  excl. tax
    A1. Epil
    A2. Lush Breeze
    B1. Limg Melody
    B2. Belated Acid


    The second of two new EPs by HVL from Georgia on Appian Sounds. Alignment EP showcases different flavours this time – Warmer acid, breaks, oscillating techno and early morning sounds. This EP was chosen from a different body of work (ten APPIAN015) but no less brilliant collection of tracks that Gigi put together towards the end of 2020 …Timeless cuts to suit all intimate dancefloors.

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  • Braintalk – Mind Asset EP [Human Sense Technology 001]

    11,49  excl. tax
    A1. Consciousness
    A2. Mind
    B1. Synapse
    B2. Path


    Synthetic and still human. The first EP on Human Sense Technology was written and produced by Braintalk. In his melancholic way he put the emphasis on dreamy surfaces, knitted rhythms and distorted structures.

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  • Kreggo – Rally Della Lana [Nottetempo 004]

    13,39  excl. tax
    A1. Rising High
    A2. Stars Cabin
    B1. MscheaRising High - The-Ride
    B2. Smalltown Girl
    B3. Soundtrack For A Film Doesnt Exist Yet
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  • Eddie Fowlkes, OCB – Deeepcover [Muga1]

    11,49  excl. tax
    A1. Eddie Fowlkes - Deepcover
    B1. Eddie Fowlkes - Deepcover (OCB Elektrofunk Remix)
    B2. Eddie Fowlkes - Deepcover (OCB Slowmotion Remix)


    After shifting clandestinely between second hand crates as a bootleg vinyl for the last 25 years, Eddie Fowlkes’ Deepcover finally gets a proper pressing and 2 remixes by one of today’s most dedicated students of electro funk, OCB (Driss Bennis). Originally released on the Magic Tracks compilation CD by Juan Atkins, featuring tracks by artists like James Stinson and Keith Tucker, the track has all the elements of early techno soul straight from the hands of its inventor. Indescribable sounds combine in unexpected ways that just fit, pushing and pulling in all the right directions.

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  • Estupendo – San Anton – 2×12″ [The Pressure Company 003]

    19,49  excl. tax
    A1. Gatos Serie
    A2. Hi Fi
    A3. Arrecifes
    B1. San Antón
    B2. Súper Condenser
    B3. Mentol
    C1. Abón
    C2. Bonus track 1994

    C3. Galgos (Alt.Version)
    D1. Fuí Hecho Para Marte


    Estupendo is an alternative electronic band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 1993. San Antón presents newly remastered versions and bonus tracks from the pioneering album Bistró Málaga-originally released only on CD in 1994.

    “San Antón” is a two-disc mind-bending collection of dystopian sci-fi electronica from the spaciest Buenos Aires-based legends Estupendo, reawakened and curated for the first time on vinyl by “The Pressure Company“. The record features a surreal tapestry of illuminated synthesizer layers, processed guitars, ample use of echo, blended watery pianos, and hypnotic soundscapes.

    A perfect storm of catchy melodies along with a whole cosmos of ideas and dance-culture references packaged in a bundle of underground hits.

    Relase date: 2022

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  • Peace 6 + Whoann – Aerial Excursions [2 x 12″ Not On Label]

    25,99  excl. tax
    A1. Peace 6 - Cumulus
    A2. Peace 6 - Aerial Excursions
    A3. Peace 6 + Whoann - Mental Map
    A4. Peace 6 - Celestial Cue
    B1. Peace 6 - Follow the Sun
    B2. Peace 6 + Whoann - Lovebirds
    B3. Peace 6 + Whoann - Feather of Dawn

    B4. Peace 6 + Whoann – Gliding Flock
    C1. Peace 6 – Hawk Eye
    C2. Peace 6 – Quantum Coherence
    C3. Peace 6 – Latitudinal Gradients
    C4. Peace 6 – Stratus
    D1. Peace 6 – Time Sense
    D2. Peace 6 + Whoann – Cirrus
    D3. Peace 6 – Internal Clock
    D4. Peace 6 + Whoann – Sterna


    Aerial Excursions LP emerged from the union of TXL (SUR, Minor Planet, Broquade) & Andser (Berlin based producer from Palma De Mallorca) from an intrinsic reflection during lockdown in 2020.
    The more exposed to isolation they were, the more they needed to transform it into positivity and union, seeking it through slower & peaceful frequencies. This naturally gave them a break from their individual dancefloor-oriented projects.
    Joining forces with their dearest friend Whoann on six tracks, creating a new aka called “3PS”, they turned a series of recording sessions into a magical journey.

    Limited double edition of 100 copies to sell. 180gr. Black vinyl.
    Contains 3 download codes for all their releases on digital format + Peace6 Sticker.

    Mastered by: AnalogCut Studio

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  • Various Artists – W49B [Nebulae Records 09]

    13,60  excl. tax
    A1. Curios - Warbling Tundra
    A2. Lee - Kindred (Mause's Breakbeat Bonanza Mix)
    A3. António Sá - The Mnlg
    A4. Rico Casazza & CPSL - 11.11
    B1. Caramel Chameleon - Strobed Alabastro
    B2. Dopefist - Does Everyone Feel This Way
    B3. Adhesive - Trisolaran
    Uf0 - I Like Your Girlfriend


    “The strongest affection and utmost zeal should promote the studies concerned with the most beautiful objects. This is the discipline that deals with the universe’s divine revolutions, the stars’ motions, sizes, distances, risings and settings… for what is more beautiful than heaven?” –


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  • SW., Serb, Roger 23, Eduardo De La Calle – Various [Night Defined Recordings 001]

    11,25  excl. tax
    A1. Serb - Good Time
    A2. SW - TotchNOtch
    B1. ROGER 23 - The Alternation Of Life
    B2. Eduardo De La Calle - Achalas Spheres
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  • Cass., Niklas Wandt – Esculturas Rupestres [Candomblé 007]

    12,49  excl. tax
    A1. Verpuppung
    A2. Schicht Um Schicht
    B1. Streuungen
    B2. Der Reis
    B3. Vorahnung Und Ausbruch
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  • DJ Silver ‎– All Things Fall [Silver Records]

    9,73  excl. tax
    A1. All Things Fall
    A2. Heels Of Acid
    B1. Contemplation On The Wisdom Of Generosity
    B2. Another Earth

    Dj Silvers 2nd Release On His Own Imprint.

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  • Dj Silver ‎– LCR003 [Light Channel Recordings]

    9,73  excl. tax
    A1. P World
    B1. Cell
    B2. Future Domination

    Returning to Lisbon’s Light Channel Recordings, DJ Silver mines the rich seam of techno’s late-century flourishing into diverse forms – from stern 4/4 to reflective electro to gorgeous, cinematic ambient. ‘P World’ takes (and merits) the whole A-side: what starts as an unadorned piano solo unfurls into a mélange of sunburnt synth washes and hazy arpeggios, as if Detroit Escalator Co. went to the beach for a day. On the B, ‘Cell’ takes us on a nostalgic flight through Incunabula-era electro, here with a remarkable melodic lead line, while ‘Future Domination’ sheds the introspection and drops us straight into the ritual pressure of a packed techno floor. It’s a timely reminder that, even during a time of confinement, music can transport us to far-flung places.

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  • Station Rose ‎– Gunafa’s Children [Childhood Intelligence]

    10,90  excl. tax
    A1. Fragezeichen
    A2. Kinker 2
    A3. Equivalent
    B1. Delusion
    B2. Sticker

    B3. Butterscotch


    Childhood Intelligence Six coming from German-Austrian Audio/Visual Pioneers of digital Culture “STATION ROSE“. Gary Danner & Elisa Rose have been continuously progressing their own Vision of Music and Art since the late 80s, f.e through their own Label Gunafa, Sony Music, PIAS, International Deejay Gigolo Records & collaborations with producers like Atom Heart. Their Project has been highly respected by Media & Press (Hr-fernsehen/ARD Digital, Wire, Mixmag, FAZ) since the early days. With the Child Six Mini Lp we are celebrating their Gunafa 30.0

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  • Yonder Kids ‎– Arsequake 1999–2019 [Baffling Noise] 2×12″

    17,00  excl. tax
    A1. Nineth Degree Of Average
    A2. Permutation 04d
    B1. Mikrowellensittich
    B2. Okasa
    B3. Saucers want smoke

    C1. Schlock
    C2. Nu born kid
    C3. Scale
    D1. Illui
    D2. Baby al^n
    D3. Gorian Kate


    Yonder Kids get a deserved spotlight 20 years after the journey suddenly stopped.
    A musical legacy which could have been lost in the background noise of time is finally edited, mastered and cut into vinyl.

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    9,73  excl. tax
    A1. Pastorius Song
    A2. Detached (LIE Detroit Appropriation mix)
    A3. Sleeping Mask
    B1. Jhazz Eigenstate
    B2. Grooveeebooxx
    B3. TRKT


    “We want to present you the new Georgian based record label and it’s debut release – Various Artists. This release is very important for us and that’s why it took over 2 years until it came to it’s final fruition, During this time the release changed its musical and visual content numerous times. Finally it consists of 6 artists: Nakashidze – Whose music represents many musical genres and unity of different stories , Nikola Kazimir & Audino Swiss mates who have already irritated nerves of many people, with their uncompromising sound ,DFO better known as Kozmana in our opinion his music is the rare case of bearing Georgian character through its sound, Sergo Chlauri – A physicist from Georgia, whose music is as mysterious and interesting as quantum physics. Track of Cobert – which will put you on a rollercoaster and you will not be able to escape from there easily. This last track on the record from ADIT is a collaboration between two co-founders of the label, so it will most likely portray the mood behind the label.” (Tesseract)

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  • T.K. Lawrence ‎– They All Float Down Here EP [Florklang 002]

    9,39  excl. tax
    A1. They All Float Down Here
    A1. Blue Light District
    B1. Where We Come From
    B2. Rap Dinsosaurs


    The label from Japan “Florklang” has started up in 2016. Now Florklang is releasing the second vinyl by producer TK Lawrence from Brooklyn who debut from Irish Cavalier and played actively in Dub Pistols.
    The records include “They All Float Down Here” that he expressed the influence of horror-core into creepy organ sound. Also you could hear everywhere the taste of Hip-hop and Jazz from “Tribute To Where We Come From” and “Rap Dinosaurs” in Side B. The record includes 4 other various tracks that you could feel the New York abundant scene where he brought up. Further more each track based on AKAI S950 and analogue machines when it has created.

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