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  • Lukey – Other Worlds Vol. 1 [Carpet & Snares Records 003]

    10,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Glitch Machine
    A2. Explore More
    B1. One With The Force
    B2. Utopia


    Dublin producer Lukey has his finger firmly on the pulse of the sounds emanating from Berlin and London’s newly awakening dancefloors, as proven by this stellar debut for Carpet & Snares’ LAB series. Contemporary club music is all about opening up the space between genres and filling it with something at once referential and new, and this EP is no exception. Other Worlds Vol. 1 effortlessly blends house, techno, electro and breaks into a mature sound world that’s both tight and expansive, funky and tough, contemplative and right down to business. Get moving with Vol. 1, and watch out for Vol. 2 coming soon!

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  • Fader Cap – Brainwash Ep [Straight 2 it recordings 01]

    10,59  excl. VAT
    A1. Keys For Raldo
    A2. Rush
    B1. The Journey 3am (Extended Mix)


    The first vinyl release from s2i Recordings introduces Fader Cap (previously Sedgwick). An existential trip across 3 tracks recorded in one 12 hour session, with the source material written for live-performance in early 2021. Heavy on the 303, with rhythmic propulsion for the breaks-inclined heads. Tinged with heavy nostalgia for the atmosphere of DIY sound systems in the Australian bush.

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  • Lerosa – Kiss Me Again EP [Welt Discos 002]

    11,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Lerosa - Karnak
    A2. Lerosa - Pledg
    B1. Lerosa - 893
    B2. Lerosa - Universal Balance


    Lerosa (Uzuri, Idle Hands, Lunar Disko) adds to his esteemed discography with an EP composed entirely during the summer of 2020. Several of his musical influences – I.M.S., Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, James Stinson – can be heard across these four diverse tracks, as he jumps nimbly from italo to dub to house to electro. As always with Lerosa, though, the sound that emerges is distinctively his own, the result of daily cat-assisted studio time at his home in Dublin.

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  • Buraye – Transcendence EP [Griffé 006]

    11,33  excl. VAT
    A1. Entheogen Dreams
    A2. Abductee
    B1. Galvanised Jazz
    B2. Acid Framework


    For our sixth release we welcome a young producer hailing from Bogota, Colombia. Buraye has been working on his sound for almost a decade now and he’s the co-founder of the From The Void Above label, having released great records from the like of Muten, Eliaz and Do Or Die. His Transcendence EP will be released on Griffé in september 2021. The record consists of four high-energy dance-floor oriented tracks with acid, trancey and electro elements. Hybrid productions bringing both analogue and digital components to create a fractal and entheogen mood.

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  • Mayflo – Solar Club Continuum [Community Center 003]

    11,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Fuel
    A2. BMORE Gurl
    A3. SCC Maior
    B1. Spirit
    B2. Grew In The Ground
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  • Moondog – Vegas Or Burst EP [Physical Education 008]

    11,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Doyuu
    A2 Orgy
    B1. Fever
    B2. Orgy (Sir Real's Broken Mix)


    Based in the heart of Barcelona, Baldo’s Physical Education imprint continues its stellar run-of-form this autumn, delving deep into the archives with the re-issue of Moondog’s obscure 1997 classic: Vegas Or Burst EP.

    A welcome selection of vintage dancefloor cuts, the four-track release epitomises the late-nineties sound through and through. From the fast-paced tones of Doyuu, to the devilishly danceable Fever, this rare gem is a masterclass in glitchy, tech-driven house music.

    Headphones at the ready!

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  • Microman, Temple, Sasha Zlykh, Iberian – V.A. [RKOD-30]

    13,20  excl. VAT
    A1. Microman - Surfising In Berlin
    A2. Temple - Bool
    B1. Sasha Zlykh - Deemasi
    B2. Iberian - Optimus Bogaloo


    RKOD is at its third release and once again it gathers together a collection of previously unreleased music from underground veterans and newcomers. Sweden’s legendary Microman, diggers favourite Temple from UK, Ukraine rising star Sasha Zlykh and Spain’s legendary Alex Martin under his Iberian guise.
    This is a limited pressing of 150 copies.

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  • Roza Terenzi – Stylish Tantrum [Step Ball Chain 001]

    11,25  excl. VAT
    A1. Cosmology
    A2. Stylish Tantrum
    B1. Chosen Family Feud (w/ D. Tiff)
    B2. Illusions
    B3. Sxc-Saloon (w/ Saoirse)


    Popping The Cherry of 2020’s latest modern-contemporary record label; Step Ball Chain, is Roza Terenzi with “Stylish Tantrum”. Suggestive title to set the tone; the 5 track EP insisting sharp, sassy, high-tempered bombs with full bodied bounce. Unexpected tempo and timing variations, flared-up bpms, half time drum cuts and slicked modular flourishes, Terenzi’s signature cheek ramps up to an extra twisted club climate, atmospheric and evocative in texture as always. Featuring collaborations with D. Tiffany and Saoirse, the release covers extended dancefloor territory, assertive anthems delivering femme finesse, choreographed to perfection.

    The A side fires up with an exuberant 4-by-4-2-the-floor routine, Cosmology. Vocal cuts from the queen Fiorella, billowing bells and dramatic synthetic sweeps to form fluidity over the tight bouncy low end. Whilst flirtatious melodic notions come and go, zip-lock percussion and commanding drumwork hold it down; squeaky steeze not-so-politely letting you know what’s to come. Deceivingly dubwise introductions soon furiously interrupted with Stylish Tantrum. Ricochet rhythms and bone breaking clap backs echo around your head, electrifying percussive fills and vocal spills snatching your attention before the everything glues together vicious harmony, baseline pulsating underneath a whiplash drum display – one for the dangerous deejays.

    Chosen Family Feud opens the B side, a collab with seasoned associate D. Tiffany, showing off a bossy stomping brigade. Mumbling voices, waspy sirens and spooked out synth lines haunt the beginnings of the track, stripping back to a bassline breakdown before wailing vocals and clattered percussion take over, cymbals bursting. B2 is a moment to reflect, Illusions brings the energy down, low slung metallic backbeats thrown over encompassing, effortless pads and soaring resonance. The downtempo atmosphere crept up on by a double time d’n’b re-jig, softly gliding in over the growling sub, chopped breaks reflecting and falling. Closing out the record is another joint effort, recorded in Melbourne with Saoirse; Sxc saloon dashing back to the dancefloor, hot and deep. Throbbing bass married with slick galloping drums, sensuous fleeting whispers looping to draw you into hypnosis before a climactic tempo plummet intended to turn heads.

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  • H:B:E:M – Neon Sun EP [H:B:E:M 002]

    11,20  excl. VAT
    A1. Neon Sun
    A2. Solar System
    B1. Neon Sun (Dan Piu Acid Mellow Mix)
    A2. Solar System


    Light is the only thing that agrees

    -its warmth

    is an out of this world language

    neon sun (knows no intervals) it only exists without ceasing
    it just burns,
    while everything else is unable to stop growing.

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  • Sunaas – Master Blaster EP [Chat Noir Rec 005]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Who's the Bad Guy
    A2. Hi Mr. Hyde
    B1. Ratabah
    B2. Krishna Runner


    Another debut on Chat Noir Tools! Sunaas is up next with his Master Blaster EP, a powerful blend of electro, house, breaks & downtempo with touches of 80’s movies samples. The young producer follows up the CNT mantra with amazing dancefloor weapons.

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  • Franco Falsini – Baffling Noise 2 [Baffling Noise 21-01]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Freedom In A Dark Age
    A2. Rolling Tapes
    B1. MedioEvo InterFerences
    B2. Zolle


    Baffling Noise (seekers sublabel) coming back after the album of Yonder kids with a 4 tracks EP produced by Interactive Test boss Franco Falsini.

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  • ISAbella – Audio Exótica EP [MARICAS Records 001]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Extrema
    A2. Floating C2
    B1. Track 90
    B2. Keta Jungle
    B3. Contacto


    Introducing the first release on MARICAS Records from the Barcelona queer collective. After three years of living the Maricas techno-pervy-loving lifestyle and spreading their message of freedom and love in their hometown and beyond, it was time to share the music they love and live by. With their very own imprint, they strive to lift up and showcase their family of queer artists and spread their sound to parties and after parties all around the world.

    The first EP is delivered by none other than resident and co-founders ISAbella. She makes her debut with a solid five tracker, which bounces between house and breaks, all with a touch of old school. Hard-hitting drums and crispy perc are blended with just the right amount of dirty Rave and Electro flavours.

    The A side kicks off with the dance-floor-banger Extrema, a driving house weapon rich in synth textures and stabs. Each layer takes its turn to be heard over the fat bass line, before combining into a dense melodic texture at the climax. This is sure to crush any dance floor.

    Side B features Contacto, which perfectly encapsulates the Maricas sound. Deep, dreamy layers of atmosphere and the ethereal, euphoric melodies floating above are driven forward by a crunchy breaks riff and an airy but tough four to the floor kick.

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  • Papolious Jones – Volume Two [Top Rhythm Boppers 002]

    10,65  excl. VAT
    A.1 We're The OGs (Original Ghosts)
    A2. Papolino's Journey Into Hyperconscience
    B.1 Ancestral Love
    B2. Let's Start Again Shall We


    Mr Jones is back from a trip down memory lane, digging in deep to bring you musical funk for the mind, body and soul. Picking up from where we left off, we take it a step further into more ambiguous, emotionally complex territory. After all, these have been trying times, haven’t they?
    We begin with the hauntingly familiar melody of ghostly lovers who meet through generations in “We’re The OGs (Original Ghosts)”, and then we traverse to “Papolino’s Journey Into Hyperconscience” – the italo soundtrack for the end of the world. For the flip side, we live a tale of separation turned into soul-inspired electronics in “Ancestral Love”, and we end with “Let’s Start Again, Shall We?” – a groovy synth conversation that swings into introspection.
    TRBO’s sophomore release adds another chapter to an unfolding story of inspiration through nostalgia. We will meet again in the future.

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  • Noiro & Alyhas, JL. – From Da Split 3 [Increase The Groove Records 013]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Noiro & Alyhas – Cathod
    A2. Noiro & Alyhas – Body Flap
    A3. Noiro & Alyhas – Bamba Détox
    B1. JL. – Electronique
    B2. JL. – Ready
    B3. JL. – Game


    From da Split III, is composed of House, minimal and downtempo tracks. An EP of 3 tracks / side, with Noiro & Alyhas on A side and JL. on B side. The idea of these mini EP is to “increase” the music through the genres and the bpm in order to make the public travel in the universe of the artists.

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  • Reedale Rise, B.R. Posse, Owain K & Polytunnel – Vol. 4 [We’re Going Deep 004]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Reedale Rise - Resonant Light
    A2. B.R. Posse - Vectrax (Part 2)
    B1. Owain K. - Another Place
    B2. Polytunnel - Island Rain


    Paul Wise aka Placid is the driving force behind ‘We’re Going Deep’ – an online community and record label that’s showing no signs of letting up in 2021.

    Born out of a lifelong affair with the many shades of electronic rhythms and an obsession for collecting records since 1988. His mission is all about sharing and releasing new music for the dance floor, front room or even just your headphones. Rather than staying hung up on the past, his reputation for digging out the best in Acid, Electro, Techno, Deep House alongside the odd slice of Downtempo precedes him, as he readies the next WGD volume for release.

    Throwing down another 4 track EP of high graded electronic sounds sourced from equally brilliant artists, this next edition welcomes the talents of Reedale Rise to open Side A with the charmed tones of ‘Resonant Light’. A magically crafted trip that treads the light fantastic and skips between a heavily swung 808 beat, quick fire bass and modulating synthesis whose dance equate to a greater sum than their singular parts. The accompanying off-kilter acid of Vectrax (Part 2) provides an interesting note by comparison – a wistful mid tempo machine jam that comes courtesy of the mysterious B.R. Posse. Make no mistake, this cut bears all the hallmarks of a seasoned pro.

    Over on Side B, Innate boss Owain K leads the charge with a beefy 4/4 slice of dance floor fuelled house meets Techno cut on ‘Another Place’, taking his cues from EBE as he flexes his sound towards larger spaces. Signing off with yet another laidback gem, Wise enlists another up and coming talent in the shape of ‘Polytunnel’. Dropping like it’s hot, the sumptuous tones of ‘Island Rain’ are nothing short of perfection as the Scotsman delivers a warm and comforting blanket of blissful melody and subtly tweaked 303 action.

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  • S.S.D – Sea Side Department – Introspection EP [COMIC’S TRIP RECORDS 02.1]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Introspection
    A2. Tellene
    B1. Voice Of Hope
    B2. 100 Step
    B3. Rubiano


    Welcome to the colorful and loony universe of the new Parisian label : Comic’s Trip Records.
    Each episode will highlight a multifaceted protagonist as he breaks free from the existing musical boundaries
    Congrats to S.S.D – SEA SIDE DEPARTMENT this time for the music. “Instrospection EP” is the first part of an album which is coming for the next moon. Lovely cooked during the lockdown, S.S.D give us 5 tracks
    each, queen of her universe, overflowing with imagination…

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  • Luca Piermattei – Sound From The Heart [ TUNEZ 001]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Around The World
    A2. The Cycle Nature
    B1. Ninth Symphony
    B2. Refill
    B3. Lunarcircus


    As the System Error tree extends its branches, a new concept is born, Fresh Tunez – a safe haven for dancefloor dynamic beats from an array of shining producers under the System Error radar. Inaugurating the Berlin based project is Fantasy Attitude and Polarity founder, Luca Piermattei. Quirky and innovative sound structures from the Italian producer, quilted with unique emotion, yet infectious funk.

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  • Not Even Noticed – Persistent Textures EP [Chat Noir 004]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Backyard Dreams
    A2. Persistent Textures
    B1. Quaisen
    B2. Access Mode


    Frankfurt based duo not even noticed is up next on Chat Noir Rec !
    not even noticed is a project dedicated to broken beats, dreamy pads and ravy sounds, founded in early 2020 while the world was going crazy due to the corona virus. The Persistent Textures EP catches several vibes that not even noticed stands for with liquid acid lines in Quaisen and Backyard Dreams, dreamy pads in Backyard Dreams and a rave feel in Access Mode.

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  • Lewis ‎– Isolate EP [Exarde 004]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Cold Coffee
    A2. Electroz
    B1. Isolate
    B2. Project 4


    Even the all-time party goers can lose their sparkle in these cruel and quarantined times by getting stuck at home for too long. But for one of Moscow’s finest DJ-crews it’s hasn’t been the case.

    The fourth vinyl instalment on the label’s roster is a hard bumping debut EP from the UK-born/Swedish-based musician – Lewis. He has brought a bunch of analogue equipment and just the right moves to produce this dance floor ready 4-tracker, seasoned with classy electro and of course just a drop of acid straight from the 90-s. Enjoy with professional care.

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  • Bwi-Bwi – Canto Soulèu EP [Lüüd Discs 006]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Canto Souleu
    A2. Canto Souleu (A.M. Mix)
    B1. The Truth Is Out There
    B2. Retool


    Back on Lüüd Discs for his first EP, Bwi-Bwi signs four tracks with rich and varied influences that plunge us into the atmosphere of his universe. Canto Soulèu.

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  • Sasha Nevolin – In The Future We Trust [Physical Education 007]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Highlight
    A2. Gas Station
    B1. In The Future We Trust
    B2. Someone


    Brand new tracks by Sasha Nevolin on the next Physical Education release.

    Following collaborations with Club Vision and Voiceless, the Belarusian producer joins the family with a serious four tracker containing some of his finest cuts. 

    Expect an EP full of playful 90s infused breaks, rolling hypnotic basslines & dreamy electro soundscapes.

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    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Larson - Blondie Blast
    A2. ESBA - Callipolis (feat. Charleeps)"share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] A2. ESBA - Callipolis (feat. Charleeps)
    B1. Neida - Frantic
    B2. Warn Twice - No Party Til When
    B3. Sentiments - 65 Herbs & Spices (Special Bardoomer mix)
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  • Estupendo – San Anton – 2×12″ [The Pressure Company 003]

    19,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Gatos Serie
    A2. Hi Fi
    A3. Arrecifes
    B1. San Antón
    B2. Súper Condenser
    B3. Mentol
    C1. Abón
    C2. Bonus track 1994

    [fap_track url="" title="C3. Estupendo - Galgos (Alt.Version)" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C3. Galgos (Alt.Version)
    [fap_track url="í-Hecho-Para-Marte.mp3" title="D1. Estupendo - Fuí Hecho Para Marte" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D1. Fuí Hecho Para Marte


    Estupendo is an alternative electronic band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 1993. San Antón presents newly remastered versions and bonus tracks from the pioneering album Bistró Málaga-originally released only on CD in 1994.

    “San Antón” is a two-disc mind-bending collection of dystopian sci-fi electronica from the spaciest Buenos Aires-based legends Estupendo, reawakened and curated for the first time on vinyl by “The Pressure Company“. The record features a surreal tapestry of illuminated synthesizer layers, processed guitars, ample use of echo, blended watery pianos, and hypnotic soundscapes.

    A perfect storm of catchy melodies along with a whole cosmos of ideas and dance-culture references packaged in a bundle of underground hits.

    Relase date: 2022

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  • Dan Piu – Modern Utopia Thoughts [Human Sense Technology 002]

    11,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Dysfunctional
    A2. Modern Utopia Thoughts
    B1. Libertarian on a Mission
    B2. The N.A.T.A Liaison
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  • Lay Down The Groove – Pursuit Of Sound [LDGV05]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. The 6-61
    A2. Space Between
    B1. Noise In The Data
    B2. Hidden Lines
    B3. No Hard Feelings
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  • Ray Kandinski – Garant [Lobster Theremin 092]

    11,90  excl. VAT
    A1. 95
    A2. No Love
    A3. Healing
    B1. Zonin
    B2. The Mack
    B3. Garant


    Complet label owner and Berlin based DJ and producer Ray Kandinski has been making serious moves over the last few years, both through his ear for curation and his rich, intricate sound design. Inspired by a pool of influences, including; jungle, footwork and house – Kandinski believes the beauty of dance music can be found in its subtlety and range; which can be heard deeply running throughout his debut EP for Lobster Theremin.
    A ray of sunshine shines through sparse breakbeats in opening track ‘95’, before ‘No Love’ follows with a slightly more clubier affair, while still maintaining it’s blissful edge through the use of lush and dynamic synth work. ‘Healing’ then closes the A side with it’s minimal grooves, both hypnotic and understated; light refracting from one medium to another in a colourful display of blue and green.
    The B side makes its entrance with ‘Zonin’ a choppy house cut with a point to prove, before demonstrating his artistic versatility in ‘The Mack’ blending his way into an electro mutation laced with ravey stabs and punchy drums, combining various influences from around the globe.
    Title track ‘Garant’ takes place in a quasi-rainforest beckoned by nature’s call. The type of good-natured music that sounds inspired by the evolving world around us; locking us in a groove that could happily last forever.

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  • TLGFDN, Felipe Valenzuela, Ahora, Mato, Dani Casarano – V.A. [MELCURE 007]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. TLGFDN - Sequences
    A2. Felipe Valenzuela - NDR3
    B1. AHORA, MATO - Tension In My Kettle
    B2. Dani Casarano - Flex Box

    New exclusive vinyl release from MELCURE.
    This time the label propose a Various artists ep with 4 outstanding tracks produced by TLGFDN, the duo AHORA alongside Mato and label honchos Dani Casarano and Felipe Valenzuela.

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  • Raymond Castoldi ‎– X-Ray Records 1992-1994 (3×12″) [Kalahari Oyster Cult 04]

    19,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Cycles Of Life
    B1. Condensation
    B2. Feel The Rhythm
    C1. Feel The Piano
    C2. And God Mad A Woman
    D1. The Solo

    [fap_track url="" title="B1. Raymond Castoldi - In-Orbit" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D2. In-Orbit
    [fap_track url="" title="E1. Raymond Castoldi - The Nightflight" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] E1. The Nightflight
    [fap_track url="" title="E2. Raymond Castoldi - Tonepoem" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] E2. Tonepoem
    [fap_track url="" title="F1. Raymond Castoldi - The-Deep And Slo" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] F1. And God Mad A Woman
    [fap_track url="" title="F1. Raymond Castoldi - Absolute Time" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] F2. Absolute-Time


    2021 REPRESS!!! X-Ray records catalogue is as under the radar as it is rich and ahead of its time. Releasing between 1992 and 1994, most of the label s outputs were produced by Raymond Castoldi. Although people primarily know Castoldi for being the music director and organist in Madison Square Garden, he also has a lesser known chapter of his life. In the early 1990s, Raymond released 6 EPs on his imprint X-Ray Records. By coupling his musical education with a four-on-the-floor club pattern, Castoldi managed to create a jazzy vibe with spaceous sounds and keyboard jams, all coalescing into a relaxing atmosphere that would eventually become the signature sound of 90 s deep house. In partnership with Castoldi, Kalahari Oyster Cult delivers the goods once again: 11 tracks from the X-Ray catalogue over a 3LP for your deejaying pleasure.

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  • Mat Roz – Orange Sunshine [Overtunes 003]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Crab's Dab
    A2. Electrolux
    B1. Orange Sunshine (Club Mix)
    B2. Mat Roz - Orange Sunshine


    We always remember the good vibes of the sun from an orange summer sunset.
    This time all those energies are combined in our new release by Mat Roz “Orange Sunshine Ep”. Mat is our new Brazilian talent based at Sao Paulo city, where he was inspired by the surround to give shape and color to his first release.
    Some masterpieces come together with trancy techno, breaks, elektro and house that make this release a real banger for djs.

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  • Laurine – [Slow Life 031]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. T.O.S.D.L
    A2. DrGold
    B1. Catch The Flow
    B2. Nobody Knows


    The worldwide clubs lockdown helped Laurine to work on her studio craft, and the Slow Life co-founder surprises with her debut EP. A four tracker where you have a brief of her signature sound: dancefloor energy, fat basslines, joyful pads and emotion.

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  • Aleexe – Looking Forward Ep [Rovas 004]

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. My Shoulder Is Your Shoulder
    A2. Teson
    B1. Teapetesis
    B2. Comprehension

    200 limited copies

    “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

    Rovas presents Aleexe (Panea Records) with a solid four-tracker EP that provides a complete experience into this inspiring artist’s intellect.

    My Shoulder is Your Shoulder”, kicks off this EP with a highly danceable and dense vibe. Deep synths evolve with snappy percusions and a bassline that leaves no doubt: this is going to be serious shit. “Teson” follows on the same side getting the table ready, with some breaky vibes and a resting bassline, mastered by cheeky vocals and playful synths.

    The B side seems to spread a brighter atmosphere designed for the daytime, delivering stripped back and sensual contrasting tracks. “Teapetesis” incorporates great melodies and rolling riffs that bring the energy flow up until the end. Lastly, “Comprehension” gives a closing with the perfect dreamy calmness.

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  • Discoslutz, Domenico Rosa, Dylan999666, Kris Vortex [Vesuvius Soul Records 001]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Discoslut - Love 21 Seconds
    A2. Domenico-Rosa - REXV0
    B1. Dylan - Blindo Light
    B2. Kris Vortex - Selektro
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  • Cobert – Swabby EP [Mung Records 002]

    9,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Swabby
    A2. Tuniversity
    B1. Mysticman
    B2. Cassete On Mars


    Mung Records is an electronic music label founded in 2020, Moscow. For the second release Mung Records presents solid 12’’ Vinyl EP by outstanding Georgian producer Giorgi Koberidze aka Cobert.

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  • V.A. Deep Series 2 [Deeptrax Records 1.2]

    11,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Ruffien - Old Ways
    A2. Mathijs Smit - Binary Life (String version)
    A3. Tim Jackiw - Prophet Class
    B1. Rich P _ Lee - Runnin Solo
    B2. Hamatsuki - Mirror tells stories


    After 3 years, we are proudly releasing our second V.A. Deepseries after the previous success of the first. These tracks were collected over past years and now they join together on this outstanding atmospheric EP.
    Ruffien kicks off with his beloved track ‘Old Ways’, a deep, emotional rave track, which was previous unreleased on vinyl. Second up, a familiar face; Mathijs Smit. After working in the Deeptrax recordstore for 3 years he is releasing his track ‘Binary Life’, heavy in bass with emotionally layered firm strings. Finally the last track of the A side is from one of our favorites; Tim Jackiw. After his beautiful album, he contributes to Deeptrax Records for the second time with ‘Prophet Class’- a fresh and vibrant 313 house tune!

    On the B side we begin with some deep mysterious minimal rhythms, Lo-Fi beats and metallic percussion by Rich P & Lee with ‘Runnin Solo’. For the big finish, the last track of this EP is the very emotional track ‘Mirror tells stories’. We instantly fell in love with this jazzy acid track when Hamatsuki sent it to us a few years ago. Finally it has found its place

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  • AC$ – Unlimited Funs [Sakskøbing 013]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. AC$ - Beers and Blueberries
    A2. AC$ - Gait Trainer
    B1. AC$ - Ribbon Candy
    B2. AC$ - Yesterdays Bacon
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