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  • Salomo – Rm12018.1 (Water) [R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings 12018.1]

    10,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Hydro Twist
    A2. Internal
    B1. Motion
    B2. Sand of Time


    Salomo brings a double EP of tech and progressive house to R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings. This disc, RM12018.1 (Water) takes you deep down into the depths before before RM12018.2 (Land) takes you back up for a cruise through unknown lands. Both EPs are pieces of an entire work but are availably individually.

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  • Various – Oblique 02 [Oblique Records 002]

    13,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Theme V - Mind Identification
    A2. Theme V - Overnigh
    B1. Spoonio - Mudskipper (Remix By The Alchemist)
    A2. Theme V - Overnigh


    OBLREC 002 VA bring 4 slices of House from the likes of Theme V aka Man/pulate, Pete Melba and the well sort after repress of Spoonio -Mudskipper (The Alchemist Remix)

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  • Pletnev – And You Never Come Back EP [R.A.N.D. Muzik x Echocentric 001]

    10,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Pletnev - Bass Covered With Gold
    A2. Average Monday
    B1. And You Never Come Back
    B2. Am I Looking At Two Similar Cats


    Four heady cuts, mind-bending and bold. For curious dancers, their stories to unfold. From Lithuanian maestro, Pletnev his name. Modular beats, a rhythmic refrain… Echocentric Records & R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings team up to bring you, ‚And You Never Come Back EP‘ by Pletnev.

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  • Fruit ‎– Gilgamesh EP [Øen Records 020]

    11,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Bull Of Heavens
    B1. Underworld


    ØEN Records is back with a special two track EP from up and coming Copenhagen based producer Fruit. Originally from Iceland, but based in Denmark Fruit has been making waves in the Copenhagen club scene with his eloquent DJ and live-sets. Following up his acclaimed 2019 Drømmeland EP for Coastal Haze he is finally back with two epic, fast-paced and euphoric tracks to light up the summer dance floors.

    Drawing inspiration from myths and legends and particularly the Epic of Gilgamesh – a 4000 year old poem from ancient Mesopotamia – “Gilgamesh” is a hypnotic and trancey trip destined for the peak hours of the post-corona parties.

    Created during the peak of the pandemic on an old half broken borrowed MacBook, the two distinct but kindred tracks are testament to Fruits unique production style, effortlessly navigating between euphoric fast-paced house, ambient soundcapes, hypnotic percussion and haunting atmospheres. Skillfully crafted and executed “Gilgamesh” is primed for both floor and mind.

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  • Darren Nye – Voyage Of Light [Elusive Intelligence Elusive Two]

    19,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Push Back
    A2. Hidden Truths
    B1. In The Shadow Of My Mind
    B2. North Star
    C1. Unclouded Vision

    C2. Replicant Model 1.2
    D1. Paradigm Shift
    D2. Celestial-Sphere
    D3. Advantage Point



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  • Rydm Sectors – Without You EP [Pleasant Systems 005]

    13,50  excl. VAT
    A1. Sunny Day
    A2. Without You
    B1. Intrasoul
    B2. Soul Shadows


    Pleasant Systems is elated to welcome Rydm Sectors. The duo formed by the Italian house masters Cosmic Garden and Rhythm Of Paradise, well known for several releases on their Cosmic Rhythm imprint, continues to deliver future classics of house music with their debut release on the label.

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  • Abdul Raeva – Protogen EP [Echocentric Records 013]

    11,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Vapordisk
    A2. Acidflex
    B1. Vela
    B2. New Horizons


    Four tracks of hypnotic no-nonsense club bliss. Best enjoyed at 4am on a sweaty dance oor – hands in the air, eyes closed.

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  • Various – Sounds Of Transonic [SAISEI 004]

    12,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Organization - Space Ball
    A2. Palomatic - Under The Ground
    A3. Suzukisuki - Chelsea
    B1. Interferon - Blasting Soul
    B2. Mind Design - Dream Trance

    B3. Organization – Call


    SAISEI founder Junki Inoue continues his vital archival work uncovering the riches of Japan’s distinctive electronic music scene and bringing them to new audiences around the world. The Sounds Of Transonic compiles six tracks recorded in Tokyo between 1991 and 1995 and released by the pioneering Transonic label, founded in 1994 by Kazunao Nagata and active until 2004.
    Transonic’s catalogue is a glittering roll call of the scene’s major players, whose inventive and genre-blending work established forward-thinking house and techno in Japan in a way that would shape the country’s electronic sound for years to come. Transonic was instrumental in giving exposure to the work of these artists with its emblematic series of CD compilations, released over a short couple of years in the mid 90s. Beginning with 970-1450km/h, Feedback and Range, the series also included The Roots Of Transonic, featuring music from parent label Trigger. Alongside these compilations came much sought-after solo albums each packaged with striking cover art that makes the discs a visual treat for collectors to this day.
    The Sounds Of Transonic brings together six tracks from the catalogue into one breath-taking package. The influence of hi-tech jazz and machine funk from Detroit is undeniable in ‘Dream Trance’ (Mind Design) and ‘Blasting Soul’ (Interferon), while ‘Under The Ground’ (Palomatic) and ‘Chelsea’ (Suzukiski) are permeated by the artificial intelligence and trip hop emanating from the UK at the time. The compilation is bookended by two tracks by Nagata himself (as Organization): ‘Space Ball’, a Model 500-worthy chase through the cosmos, and ‘Call’, an eerie echo of Kraftwerk’s telephone, transmitting expectantly out into the void and, finally, receiving its celestial answer.
    With The Sounds Of Transonic these formative pieces of music will now be available internationally and, for the first time, on vinyl.
    SAISEI is a Japanese word which translates to ‘reproduction’ and ‘to play’ (as in playing records). Japanese culture is widely known for its traditional nature just as much as it is for being forward into the future and this label’s concept does justice to exactly that. Having started digging for records as early as 16 years old, Inoue delved into productions from 1990s Japan to uncover these native gems. SAISEI’s core concept is to recapture and reintroduce unique pieces of Japanese electronic music onto vinyl, to an audience it never reached before as most of this music was only released in Japan.

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  • Various – Four Really Good Tracks [Terrazzo 002]

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Remotif - Ludovician
    fap_track url="" title="A2. Jay Gadian - Crisscrossing" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] A2. Jay Gadian - Crisscrossing
    B1. Reflex Blue - Mystic
    fap_track url="" title="B2. Fractal - Ceiling" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] B2. Fractal - Ceiling


    Up next on Terrazzo we’ve got Remotif, Jay Gadian, Reex Blue and Wilt shuttling us through the sound spectrum with ‘ A Really Good’ compilation of wonky tech, trippy prog and acid house.

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  • Various – Semimajor Axis [Visolux 001]

    12,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Jamie Leather - Adventures In The Machine
    A2. Frank A - 18.11.13
    B1. Sunaas - Recall That
    B2. HearThuG - Feel - A Thing


    It started as a little science fiction story where Kepler-129, a hot star located about 1200 light-years away from our Solar System, became the living environment of peculiar creatures, passionate about music, throwing parties to overcome their tedious routine.

    Eventually, this story mirrors what Kepler-129 has grown to be: a concept of round-the-clock parties in unusual settings, simultaneously inspired by the rave culture and the cosier approach of small selectors clubs.

    What the science-fiction story did not predict, however, is the Visolux project.

    Parties don’t last, printed music does. Surrounded by talented and nerdy friends from both real life and the Internet, much keener to work out drums and machines than launching a start-up, we joined forces to craft a various EP that would echo our Kepler adventures.

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  • Abdul Raeva – Atlas Corporation EP

    10,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Atlas Corporation
    A2. Death Race
    B1. Death Race (Andy Garvey Remix)
    B2. Guardian of the Vault


    Holly Lester’s Duality Trax imprint has quickly established itself as one of most exciting emerging labels from within the modern electronic circuit. Undoubtedly inspired by the golden era of house, techno, bleep and club, the label also has its crosshairs �xated �rmly on the future and has become a one-stop-shop for the very best in early-hours euphoria and contemporary heads-down sonics. Despite its young age the label already boasts a stellar back catalogue, releasing tracks and records from Fio Fa, Violet, Cromie, rRoxymore, Roza Terenzi and more – and the fourth in the series comes from Steffan Todorović and Joonas Aro under their Abdul Raeva alias. Holly is no stranger to either artist, having set up the Terrazzo label with Gestalt Records and Coymix head Steffan. It’s a sonic match-made-in-heaven, with both contributing artists and label head sharing an admiration for bouncy, fun and deep club music that dangles its legs on the border of emotionality without taking itself too seriously. The label head was �rst drawn to the lead track ‘Atlas Corporation’ with it’s soaring resonant lead reminiscent of the classic ‘Rez’ by Underworld. Ear-wriggling acid lines and psychedelic atmospherics balance a gritty and driving drum rhythm across a kaleidoscopic six minutes, before ‘Death Race’ blends techy dub with Abdul Raeva’s signature proggy sauce, best played as the sun begins to rise again. Staying true to the concepts of gender and sonic duality, the remix comes from Australian DJ and Pure Space-founder Andy Garvey who turns in a breakbeat-laden, broken acid-
    techno rendition of the A2, before we come to a meditative close with the tropical, downtempo sounds of ‘Guardian of the Vault’.

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  • Locky Mazzucchelli – Southwest EP [Mood Waves 005]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Cave Lights
    A2. Dex's Daytrip
    B1. The Red Gate
    B2. Mammoth
    B3. The Lookout


    A new wave hits with our close friend Locky Mazzucchelli. The record matches his sound as a dj, one of a kind. Trippy hardware minimal to influence the mind of your crowd.

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  • Byron Yeates, Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany – Split Step [Step Ball Chain 006]

    11,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Gush
    A2. Gush (Byron Yeates Remix)
    B1. Cauldron Of Chaos
    B2. Roza Terenzi & D. Tiffany


    The bermuda triangle of Berlin; a meeting of medicinal minds for the inaugural splitstep. Byron Yeates, Roza Terenzi & D, Tiffany come Tag-teaming and steaming with licks of flirty tech, hard house, pumping prog and sleek, freaky techno bouncing off the walls. A true melting pot of deeply burrowed memories of dance, the trio collaborate in various ways to propel a new age wave of dance music; a delicious mix of rough, tough and playfully feminine which embodies Step Ball Chain.
    Cheers queers!
    Gushing all over the A Side with a funk force of tech house, Roza Terenzi sticks her heels in and locks down The GrooveTM like no other, reduced tempo for the calm before the storm. Warming up the original just in time for the Byron Yeates remix; providing a stripped back, sped up, jacking rendition of Gush served hot and heavy. Bouncing into the B side, Byron causes the heat to rise to the top, Cauldron of Chaos simmering and ready to blow, use with caution. Rounding out this seriously hot record is Roza & D. Tiff with a tech leaning team up, Prude Pride hitting all the right spots for a manifested meltdown.
    4 Club certified hitz, guaranteed to make you sweat. Don’t you dare sleep!

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  • Dan Piu – Constant Light EP [Sakskøbing 018]

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Selfish War Machine
    A2. Made in Japan
    B1. Dark Side of Me 1995
    B2. Robota
    B3. Equinox of Ceres


    The light is at the end of the tunnel. The light is shining bright because of love. The love is the answer to the darkness + the remedy for the experience which might bring unclearness and letting drown in the metaphorical swamp which every single human has felt during the journey they are on. The EP by the Switzerland based mastermind Dan Piu is dedicated to the love and to the love only. The tracks that were produced from the artist’s creative inflow are from the year 1995 to our present days and are telling the story of hope and compassion. Starting from A side we have a demonstrative rollercoaster which is ‘Selfish War Machine’ gracing before the ‘Made in Japan’ which is inspired by the early arcade machines and the ethos they were bringing with them. Side B starts with seductive house number straight up from the year 1995, followed by Robotic tool ‘Robota’ and finishing off on the perfect and soul caressing track going by the name ‘Equinox of Ceres’. This precise body of work which has found its home with Sakskøbing is pure and direct message of love, in a way when things are seem bleak the light can be sparked again. The answer how this spark gets obtained is the four-letter word which is mentioned frequently in this text.

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  • Lovable Rogues – Look Into Your Eyes / Chica / Twilight Manouvres [Evasive 001]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Look Into Your Eyes
    B1. Chica
    B2. Twilight Manouvres


    Lovable Rogues is the brainchild of Tech House duo Lee Humphreys and Evasive head honcho Rob Pearson. 3 Groove laden tracks from the golden era, being the early years of ‘Proper’ South London Tech House!

    Rob and Lee formed the production Duo ‘ Lovable Rogues’ after they met and hit it off at Online Studios, Croydon in the mid 90’s. This 3 Tracker launched Rob’s Evasive Records Imprint back in 1999.

    A UK based DJ and Producer Lee Humphreys is known as one of London’s early Tech House pioneers. His production career goes back to the early 90’s and covers a vast array of styles and sounds under various pseudonyms.

    In the early 90’s Rob Pearson already had various productions including Drum and Bass EPs on Basement Records & Online Recordings. In 1999 He headed back to his roots of House & Techno and was releasing on the now infamous Swag Records label and also as Online Collective.

    Look Into Your Eyes was written and produced by Rob & Lee at Online Studios, Croydon, UK and the other 2 cuts featured are solo efforts. ‘Chica ‘Was produced by Lee at Tofu Studios, Thanham, Germany and Rob’s own track ‘Twilight Manouvres’ was also created at his base and Evasive Records Headquarters Online Studios.

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  • Skat – Skat Mode [Euphoric State 005]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Is Dis Love
    A2. Dinowarp
    B1. Jamaica
    B2. Jump Around


    OPIA sister label Euphoric State steps up this autumn with more unearthed gems from the 90s, this time at the controls is Skat aka Andy Panayi & Alec Stone, Skat being their name before they took on what became their acclaimed A2 moniker in 94. The “Skatmode” EP spans across innovative strains of house and electro, packed with energy and charming emotions.

    On the A side you can find two slabs of reissued heat from the versatile duo, packing more of a punch than ever. Cruising on an irresistible house groove is “Is Dis Love”, tight drum work and elastic bass lines teased by the nostalgic vocal. “Dinowarp” is a pure example of a hazy deep house chugger for the early hours of the morning, taking you on a trip of blissful synths and melt in your mind textures.

    Taking up the B side are two unreleased diamonds from the vast archives of the UK duo, “Jamaica” and “Jump Around”. The first being a playful and animated outing, classy house dynamics driving the dance floor up a notch. “Jump Around” maintains the depth and emotion but at the heart lays a pulsating sub heavy bass to keep you on the move, conversing with the pacey and crisp drum patterns within.

    Euphoric State continues to propel dusted off beats for the dance floors of modern day!

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  • Kawaii San – Blue Skies EP [Parang Recordings 009]

    11,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Blue Skies
    A2. Playful Grey
    B1. Cowboys In Outer Space
    B2. What’s Your Problem


    We are very excited to announce our 9th release, Blue Skies by Kawaii San, a vibe setting magician only found on the depths of Band Camp until now. This will be his first vinyl output and it is packed with 4 dancefloor punishers that will take you all the way from the warm up to your mates flat for a cheeky crack on. Ch-ch-check it out!

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  • Lucho – Back 2 Me EP [Magic Carpet 010]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Chariot
    A2. Guest Chimes
    B1. Woogie Matrix
    B2. Back 2 Me


    “Special delivery for Magic Carpet!” quirky newcomer Lucho delivers a collection of mesmerising booty-shakers for the cult-label’s tenth release.

    Following a head-turning debut on New York’s Decatur Records in 2021, this EP is brimming with luscious harmonies and generously proportioned basslines that would make your grandpa blush. Family friendly but suitably naughty – this record is the full package.

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  • Wil Do – Life On Earth EP [Melcure 009]

    12,56  excl. VAT
    A1. Weird Genetic
    A2. Save The Planet
    B1. Transmission
    B2. Sunrise Sciene


    Melcure 009 by Wil Do. The Paraguayan artist from Ciudad del Este presents a 4-track EP that covers deep sounds and subtle funk basses accompanied by captivating harmonies. B side mixed by Sabs.

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  • Audio Reflex – Reflex III [Telomere 018]

    12,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Acid Groove
    A2. Skullgroove
    B1. Xruise Control
    B2. Booby Trap


    Audio Reflex, aka Anderson, is back, with his final four tracker on Telomere Plastic!
    This beautiful EP is another blend of mid tempo and deep electronics. Funky baselines and beats throughout will give you the chance to get moody and groovy deep in the middle of your sets!

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  • Ruff Stuff – Untitled 008 [Ruff Stuff Music Ltd 008]

    11,95  excl. VAT
    A1. High Club Alive
    A2. Badass Groove
    B1. Growler
    B2. Solid Fragments


    Italian purveyor of the deep sound Ruff Stuff is dropping another 4 tracker on his homonymous Ruff Stuff Music label.

    Italian producer Ruff Stuff – which has already released on labels like Shall Not Fade, Sloth Boogie, Madhouse – returns with a self produced record on his Ruff Stuff Music label.

    The EP is a solid mixture of tracks showcasing 2 sides of the producer’s sound: the more dancefloor oriented one on the A Side vs the deeper and housier one on the B side.

    Each of the tracks expresses in its unique way Ruff’s own style and inspiration: the A side is composed by DJ tools, with ‘High Club Alive’ inspired by French Touch and the deeper ‘Badass Groove’.

    On the B side you will find more complex arrangements, more brainy tunes, with a definite House and Acid vibe. This is a truly masterful combination of tunes by Ruff Stuff. One for the dance floor. One for the heads.

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  • Yamen & EDA – Casa Pizza EP [Maison Mere 005]

    11,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Ciao Il Pizzaiolo
    A2. Margherita e Diavola
    B1. Per favore
    B2. Improve The Pizza
    B3. No Pineapple Thanks


    Hello Mr pizzaiolo, we would like one margherita, one diavola and we would like to know: what do you think of Hawaiian pizza?

    No pineapple on pizza» he said.
    Choose your slice between the 5 new cuts and play it while eating.

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  • Caim – Tripura EP [The Tribe Tales 001]

    10,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Tripura
    A2. Illusion
    B1. Libra
    B2. Xaja


    Ever since the launch of The Tribe and the eponymous event series the idea of spreading records through its own outlet has been bustling.

    The sharing of different frequencies has always been about uniting and growing together. To continue doing so by means of releasing a physical product for everyone to collect and enjoy will only enforce this convention.

    For the premier release of the label Caim has realised quite the psychedelic EP which finds itself floating across the spectrum of Techno, House and Trance. All fused together, yet minimalistically approached.

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  • Liquid Earth – The Electronic Brain EP [Liquid Earth Physical 001]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. The Electronic Brain
    A2. The Electronic Brain
    B1. Bubble Pop
    B2. Stingray Shuffle


    The first in series of self-released Liquid Earth Physical releases, “The Electronic Brain” is a nose dive into Junkyard Synthesis.
    From EP Title opener and the three tracks to follow, you’ll find part ’80s sleaze, part ’90s deepness and part ’00s wiggle wrapped into one package.
    A2 track “Vector Boy and The Horse With Three Legs” is as cooked as the title given. A twisted ride on a budget carnival right, steered forward by driving percussion and a mid-break bubbly synth line.
    “Bubble Pop,” an ode to the 1986 arcade game, is a straight shooter. An early morning tune that pirouettes nicely through a sunrise set. Record closer, “Stingray Shuffle,” ties the release together with its juggled arpeggios and organically grown drum work.
    The Electronic Brain makes dance music cocktails that pop like a twist of lime hitting seltzer. Melodic, crisp, and refreshing.

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  • Shaka, JGRE, Filippo Bologna, V.I.C.A.R.I – RKOD-40 [RKOD 40]

    13,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Shaka - Back In Town
    A2. JGRE - Pobledub
    B1. Filippo Bologna - 422"
    B2. V.I.C.A.R.I. - Dolbysake


    Once more we’ve balanced old and new school producers into a limited 150 copies 12″….Thrilled to have legendary Shaka opening the EP, followed by Barcelona’s esteemed producers Jorge Gamarra and D-Ufo under their JGRE moniker, South Italy’s rising machines overlord Filippo Bologna and to close it all another producer who needs no introduction, Tommy Vicar Jnr.
    Limited to 200 copies.

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  • Darren Allen & T-X-Heaven – Blind Summit [Underlying Form 007]

    19,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Mine to Give
    A2. What Youre Feeling
    B1. Texture Breathing Love (Super Ambient Space)
    B2. Benny Boy
    B3. Pinecones And Rhinestones
    C1. Subjectivity
    C2. FHW

    D1. Chymical Wedding
    D2. Season Ov The Pig

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  • Translunar Activities – Apriti Sesamo [H.B.E.M. 003]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A. Apriti Sesamo
    B. Apriti Sesamo (Ivan Iacobucci Remix)


    To unlock what seemed
    an unreachable possibility
    an taste it with your eyes
    an touch it with the music
    of your ears

    to want something so much
    that only magic can interfere
    you and your inner wisdom

    until the door of your
    mental limitations open in front of you
    so effortlessly no need for key
    just to believe in.

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  • AEROFUNK, 4D, Josh Baker, Croft – UK V.A. [Subsequent 013]

    10,59  excl. VAT
    A1. Aerofunk - Idea
    A2. 4D - 1 Step BCK 2 Steps FWD
    B1. Josh Baker - Somebodys Wacthing Me
    B2. Croft - Levi


    For release 13 on Subsequent we didn’t have to look far, in fact just explored the incredible talent of the next generation producers within the UK. The result is striking. 4 powerhouses of tracks tailored for every situation on the club floors. A1 delivers a hell of a breaks track, whereas A2 goes into a more cinematic direction but no less powerful. B1 fires up the rolling acid while B2 is made for those heady late moments in the club.

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  • Jorge Gamarra – Aesthetics of Solitude [Label: Coming From… Returning To… 001]

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Lonesome Idol
    A2. Elektrons Light
    B1. Insect politics
    B2. Tonalgico


    Jorge Gamarra presents his new imprint, “Coming From… Returning To…” with this four track EP, a blend of Techno, House, and Breakbeat. Strictly limited to 300 copies, no repress!!

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  • Camiflage & Jakob, Walrus – Snaretrade 002 [Snaretrade Records]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A. Camiflage & Jakob - Pony Perseverance
    B. Walrus - DX Problems


    It’s more fun to make things together.
    That’s why the second Snaretrade EP is all about pairs:
    Two tracks made with two different friends, in the early/late hours of the day.

    Camiflage sat down in the home studio with all-round nice guy Jakob to make Pony Perseverance, a carefree, tongue-in-cheek house excursion.

    DX Problems was made in collaboration with Basic Moves’ Walrus. Reminiscent of a walk in the park, even though its creation involved a lingering headache and many obstacles in trying to get a DX21 to cooperate.

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  • George T – Some Lunar Pursuits EP [AGT Records 004]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Baby
    A2. Bass Chase
    B1. Lunar Pursuits
    B2. Silver


    For their 4th venture, AGT Records presents the cosmic sounds of George T and his solar-sound-system explorations. Responsible for a multitude of club ready releases in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, you can find George Thomson’s aliases in the catalogues of legendary labels such as NRK Sound Division, Stickman Records and Glasgow Underground. Thomson’s sound is a warped fusion of disco, electro and tech-house, splicing together influences from the US tribal and UK tech house scenes that were prevalent in that golden era of electronic dance music.

    This is on display with ‘Some Lunar Pursuits’, as across the EP you find driving, jet-fuelled basslines that lift the tracks off the ground, while ‘Baby’ and ‘Silver’ throw about snappy percussion and dubby, reverb-drenched vocals that bring you back down to Earth and back onto the dancefloor. ‘Bass Chase’ provides a stripped-back bass heavy weapon to switch up the vibe, and title track ‘Lunar Pursuits’ is made for the afters as nostalgic synth lines float around alien house stabs, sending you back into the skies and beyond.

    AGT Records is putting this one back into the stratosphere, all in good time.

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  • Lenzyak – Trippy Land [Discarded Gems 107]

    11,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Yup
    A2. Flicker
    B1. Trippy Land
    B2. Sirius


    For the 7th installment we welcome Ukrainian producer Lenzyak, with an EP full of dreamy and progressive digressions, that drives us from the deepest atmospheres to the brightest vibe supported by a blend of breaky, trancey and techno grooves.

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  • Ramez – Karnak Calling [Karnak On Acid 001]

    10,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Karnak Calling
    A2. Fresh Improved
    B1. Fairy Dust
    B2. Lost-Project


    !Karnak Calling! !الكرنك يتحدث!
    We are thrilled to announce the first KOA release. Karnak On Acid record label was born after a mystical trip to Luxor. In this first EP, Ramez, an up and coming Egyptian talent has produced 4 groovy and trippy tracks. With its unique oriental electronic touch, this record will transport you on a journey to the magical Karnak Temple.

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  • Unknown Artist – Sais Dub EP – [MCLTD 004]

    12,80  excl. VAT
    A1. U Need Someone (No Vox Dub)
    A2. Shake It (Deeper Dub)
    B1. Enjoy (No Sax Tonight Dub)
    B2. Make Me Lose Control (Trippy Dub)

    Label: MCLTD Format: Vinyl, 12″ Country: UK Catalogue: mcltd4 Released: 2022 Style: House, Techno

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  • Miles Mercer ‎– Molecular Acid [Accessory Records 003]

    11,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Third-Planet-Mystery
    A2. Time Ahead
    B1. Molecular Acid


    Whilst his debut release on Accessory Records (AR001) is still refreshing parts other releases cannot reach Miles Mercer is not waiting around. Back with a second EP once again full of underground rawness it’s yet another fine showing for this promising label.

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