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Diskorrekt is a community where artists, friends, and labels gathered by the idea of exploration towards unconventional patterns.
We are a Berlin-based distribution and online record shop with worldwide service, trying to show our vision of electronic music through a vetted records selection.

We know we need to change the Present. We are aware, the exploration of the unknown will provide us with new scenarios to twist the established rules. The inspection of new ways, based on empathy and cooperation will help us interact and better connect with the ecosystem, this being our last and main purpose. We believe in the subliminal message hidden in the music which at all times unconsciously suggests enjoying the unknown. Rhythmic patterns and unconventional melodies will enable us to understand how to travel that path and build that better place to live called Future.


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  • Qik / Kamila Govorčin – Mutualismos 01 [Tecnologias Elementales 001]

    10,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Qik - Mississippi River
    A2. Qik - Río de la Plata
    B1. Kamila Govorčin - RWD
    B2. Kamila Govorcin - T
    B3. Kamila Govorčin - 2FWD


    Emerged from the debris of Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, Tecnologías Elementales is a platform run by the DJs Diamin and F.A.N.G.O. Each release is conceived as a cognitive frequency towards the intervention of the global nervous system, with the ability to affect minds and bodies alike.
    Tecnologías Elementales are ancestral and futuristic tools for inner and outer exploration: musical artifacts that seek to promote local knowledges and favor the perceptive mutations necessary to balance our lives in times of collapse.

    Mutualismos 001:
    Mutualism is defined as an interaction between species that is beneficial to both.
    For this series we invite Qik from Argentina and Kamila Govorčin from Chile, as cases of different artists coming from different environments cooperating with each other.
    Each side of the record is a world of its own, but its mere presence casts light on the other, reshaping our listening and allowing a stable equilibrium to be reached.

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  • Estupendo – San Anton – 2×12″ [The Pressure Company 003]

    19,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Gatos Serie
    A2. Hi Fi
    A3. Arrecifes
    B1. San Antón
    B2. Súper Condenser
    B3. Mentol
    C1. Abón
    C2. Bonus track 1994

    [fap_track url="https://diskorrekt.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/C3.-Galgos-Alt.-Version.mp3" title="C3. Estupendo - Galgos (Alt.Version)" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] C3. Galgos (Alt.Version)
    [fap_track url="https://diskorrekt.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/D1.-Fuí-Hecho-Para-Marte.mp3" title="D1. Estupendo - Fuí Hecho Para Marte" share="" cover="" meta="" layout="button" enqueue=no auto_enqueue=no] D1. Fuí Hecho Para Marte


    Estupendo is an alternative electronic band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 1993. San Antón presents newly remastered versions and bonus tracks from the pioneering album Bistró Málaga-originally released only on CD in 1994.

    “San Antón” is a two-disc mind-bending collection of dystopian sci-fi electronica from the spaciest Buenos Aires-based legends Estupendo, reawakened and curated for the first time on vinyl by “The Pressure Company“. The record features a surreal tapestry of illuminated synthesizer layers, processed guitars, ample use of echo, blended watery pianos, and hypnotic soundscapes.

    A perfect storm of catchy melodies along with a whole cosmos of ideas and dance-culture references packaged in a bundle of underground hits.

    Relase date: 2022

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  • Format ‎– #1 [Only One Music 06]

    13,20  excl. VAT
    A1. Deep Sleep
    A2. Solid Session
    B1. Destination
    B2. Ya Cant Stop Me


    The Only One imprint returns with their sixth instalment of the series after a bunch of absolute winners by the likes of Ron Trent and Stasis, among others. For this latest outing they’ve invited Orlando Voorn down with his Format project, which means deep house beats and sci-fi-leaning melodies. The winner on here has to be “Destination”, where gorgeous pads unwind beneath swinging slabs of percussion and a militant, heads-down beat structure. This is Voorn at his best and we love to see the man putting out some proper house music alongside his more usual techno shade.

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  • N-Gynn – Pull Up EP [HighPath 004]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Pull Up (Rough Ready Acid mix)
    A2. Bumpin Gurnin
    B1. Lover (Erotica version)
    B2. Acid Drops


    London based producer Nick Gynn is best known for his work with Superlux Records but lands here on Highpath with is signature tech sounds. ‘Pull Up’ (Rough & Ready Acid mix) opens up with a slinky grover and rasping bass that pumps any party. ‘Bumpin & Gurnin’ cuts loose on a trippy vibe with withering synth lines over chunky house funk and ‘Pull Up’ (Lover Erotica version) then slips into a deeper vibe, with taught and pinging kicks and razor sharp hi hats. ‘Acid Drops’ is last but might be the best with its more atmospheric and organic sounds.

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  • Enrico Mantini – 1992 Unreleased Gems

    11,29  excl. VAT
    A1. U Feel It
    A2. Loca
    B1. Life Wine
    B2. Can't Take


    Four smacking deep house cuts from Enrico Mantini, whose nostalgia-tinged glasses are cast all the way back to 1992, when the bulk of his ‘unreleased gems’ were produced. All set to tape and nearly forgotten, the vibe of these bits is unparalleled, recalling the rough n’ readiness of our two favourite Todds, Terry and Edwards. ‘U Feel It’ waterfalls through resampled soul sample cut-ups, while ‘Loca’ continues to bubble outwards via a restrained organ and 808 hue. Sexy, Mr. Fingery styled basses ensue on the cloudier ‘Life Wine’, while ‘Can’t Take’ closes on dubbier and grottier territories

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  • Alex Dima – Do You Know Da Wae? Ep – [Coordinate Records 003]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Alex Dima - Circa 98
    A2. Alex Dima - Stuck In To
    B1. Alex Dima - Automated Age
    B2. Alex Dima - Sonic Dream
    B3. Alex Dima - Nostalgic Awareness


    Coordinate Records is back after a while with a new Ep signed by Alex Dima.

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  • Various – Unsilenced VA-Vol.2 [Unsilenced 002]

    11,69  excl. VAT
    A1. Oward - Messe Basse
    A2. Admo - Expensives Pleasures (Ibizere mix)
    B1. Adam Collins - Where You From
    B2. Borren - Dat Djooz


    Starting this year strong with our second release!
    On the menu, 4 amazing producers and 4 solid tracks.
    All reunited within the same universe, this compilation is filled with house, tech-house, and UKG sounds.
    * A1 is brought by Oward. The French producer delivers a track full of grooves, breaks, and cheeky vocals.
    * A2 is by the man himself Admo. This one is a groovy tech-house cut. A lot of drums and a sick bassline.
    * B1 is from the man who needs no introduction, Adam Collins. Raw tech-house sound delivered on a silver platter.
    * B2 closing up this VA is Borren. The Dutch producer has many talents and he proves it with this UKG/Speed garage cut.”

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  • Robin Ordell – Thinkbelt Ep [No time County 002]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Thinkbelt
    A2. What is it
    B1. Timecomp
    B2. Retrace Your Steps
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  • 616LAB03 616 – 616 LAB #3

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. 347
    A2. 357
    B1. 326
    B2. 283


    After this long period of pandemic and staying at home, these tracks represent a glimmer on which to look out and have the hope of soon returning all together to party.

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  • Shonky & Otis – Humanizer [Stoned Pilot 001]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Humanizer
    A2. Milka FM
    B1. Time Span
    B2. Creative Solutions


    Berlin-based French selector Shonky adds a new dimension to his music career with the launch of his brand new label, Stoned Pilot. Inspired by his love of collaboration, the platform will focus exclusively on collaborative projects with each new release. At his studio in Berlin Shonky has assembled a mouthwatering array of equipment; vintage synths, drum machines and sequencers. The set up allows him to cultivate a highly creative atmosphere – a playground for those who visit – and the resulting productions exude the kind of energy that you typically find during liberating jam sessions. Shonky cites the studio, and its many playthings, as a key part of his growth as an artist. While everyone he invites to join for a session leaves feeling invigorated by the experience.

    On the first release he appears with Otis, an Italian producer who lived in the same building as him. Through lockdown the two men became better acquainted and they decided to hit the studio together. The result is the Humanizer EP, featuring four cuts that encompass the merging of Shonky and Otis’ individual styles into one cohesive body of work. On the EP the duo delve into the deeper side of the dance floor, utilising bass, rhythm and energy to explore varying styles and tempos, tinged with an air of mystery.

    So the stage is set, Stoned Pilot heralds a new phase in Shonky’s career, from global tours, to his exemplary back catalogue and now label owner with a core ethos centred on creative collaboration.

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