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  • Saverio Celestri, Prince de Takicardie, Tundramane, Koste, Solar Alliance, Shampoo – Kodoku [Lowlife Cartel 006]

    9,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Saverio Celestri - Sundays
    A2. Δ - Crachats De Lune
    A3. Prince de Takicardie - Jamonacid (House Mix)
    B1. Tundramane (Brick To The Face ft. Kotes)
    B2. Solar Alliance - Quest For Kiba
    B3. Shampoo - 四季ノ歌


    For their sixth instalment, Lowlife Cartel follow up to their last two compilations (“Pimps Improvisations” in 2018 and “Omnia Vanitas” in 2020) with a new six-track VA named “Kodoku”; a vortical release, both bold and forward-looking, while fully geared for the club environment. Taking its title from a poisonous magic from the medieval Japanese era obtained by placing several venomous insects in a jar and letting them kill one another until only one survives, “Kodoku” – which interestingly also translates as “solitude” – features a cast of producers old and new to the fold including Saverio Celestri, the faceless △, Prince de Takicardie, Tundramane & Ko$te, Solar Alliance and Shampoo.

    A staple element of the Lowlife Cartel bunch, Saverio Celestri paves the way and dishes out one of his signature jagged, EBM-informed weapons in “Sundays”. Through this hotchpotch of acid-steeped bass entangled with a frantic newbeat-ish swing and razor-sharp synthwaves, the Italian producer shows off the raw and playful facets of his craft to optimal effect. Unknown contributor △ clocks in with “Crachats de Lune”, a proper ominous banger going straight for the jugular with its clever mix of dusty, drum-laden churn, processed vox stabs and sci-fi-indebted laser bursts flashing by unrelentingly. Tailored for hi-octane action at the defunct Boccaccio or Hacienda, Prince de Takicardie “Jam’on’Acid (House Mix)” blows the winds of euphoria across the club like it was done in 1995. Vibing to a pulsating mix of rabid snares, 303-vehicled charges and mangled vocal samples on a classic free rave tip, throwback material that packs a punch.

    Flip it over and here is North-American duo Tundramane & Ko$te shifting the scope to Memphis chopped-and-screwed in true hardcore fashion. Straight-out aggression, “Brick To The Face” lives up to its title, so expect leaving the place with a few teeth out your mouth and a good concussion, though more side effects could appear over repeated listens. A radical U-turn from the previous, Ute.- related triplet Solar Alliance – alias Ekkel, Oprofessionell and Mikkel Rev – bring their dashing trance touch to the comp with “Quest for Kiba”, an uptemp maelstrom for the senses, swirling and whirling up until space and time make no damn sense any more. Topping off that versatile tour de force, Japanese producer Shampoo adds his delectably sensuous spin on the record with the lush, sample-heavy lo-fi appeal of “四季ノ歌”. Unpolished feelgood vibes, sun- streaked soulfulness and deft-handed MPC wizardry are on the menu for this ultimate ride and jolly finale.

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  • Lucita Octans / DJ Lifegoals – Ethereal Techno-Funk EP [EABE VI]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Lucita Octans - Aegian Chrome
    A2. Lucita Octans - Last Lane Shuffle
    B1. DJ Lifegoals - Aegian Chrome
    B2. DJ Lifegoals - Parallax Vision"


    A split 12” with four soulful and danceable IDM jams by Lucita Octans and DJ Lifegoals. The opening track Aegian Chrome features phat bassline, funky breakbeat and otherworldly synths. The other Lucita track Last Lane Shue gets busier with intricate rhythms and synth riffs that tell a surreal story. On the ipside, Anesthz starts with a rough uptempo breakbeat and slowly introduces a super soulful and funky bass pattern alongside some choice pads. The second DJ Lifegoals track Parallax Vision introduces ultra- funky bassline and develops into a rich tapestry of sound. These warm hardware jams really put the letter “D” back to IDM!

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  • Albino Sound – Metallurgy [Turnend Tapes 001]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Squirt
    A2. Abomination Feat. Sayaka Botanic
    B1. Clay Figures
    B2. Jarring


    ‘Albino Sound concocts textual delights in shades of metal on his forthcoming EP for Turnend Tapes.
    The ‘Metallurgy’ EP forthcoming on Turnend Tapes sees Japanese artist Hirotaka Umetani transmit four club orientated tracks through a UK bass lens, delineating from past musical excursions and so marking a turning point of his works.
    Indicative of this shift is the vast and varied sources of inspiration Hirotaka has tapped into in creating ‘Metallurgy’. Translating visual into sound through Hirotaka’s own experience, bare witness to granular detail made macro through swathes of sound design kinetically akin to the flurry of mineral-rich hot water springs, seething in chemical harmony.
    Entwining impressions of the past with forecasts of the future Hirotaka deftly connects the dots between the sounds stemming from the alchemy of metal and it’s interplay with the natural environment as we proceed ever closer to organic-synthetic assimilation.’

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  • Jotel California – Airwavez EP [Inch By Inch Records 005]

    12,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Airwavez
    A2. Manta Fever
    B1. 808 Mushrooms
    B2. One Step Back


    This is the 5th installment of Inch By Inch by the young and ruthless Jotel California. Hailing from Berlin and being part of the Warning Crew he’s an expert in crispy electro sounds with the special ingredients. Check him out cause this is just the start!

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  • Loopchasers – Lunagenesis [TerraFirm 008]

    12,49  excl. VAT
    A1. A World of Swirls (2019 Mix)
    A2. A World of Swirls (2022 Mix)
    B1. A World of Swirls (2019 Mix)
    B2. The Light (2022 Mix)


    A multi-system conglomerate servicing planets within the Orion Arm of the Milky Way, TerraFirm provides the desiccated, toxified, irradiated or otherwise uninhabitable planets of this sector with a suite of services to rectify any environmental challenge. From geoformation to carbon extraction, desalination to biome rehabilitation, TerraFirm has a full range of services to return your planet to its naturally thriving, pre-apocalypse state.

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  • Xiaolin – Tower Moment EP [MIHN Music 006]

    12,56  excl. VAT
    A1. Dark Night
    A2. Safe With Me
    B1. Lemuria
    B2. Lemuria (Blue Hours Elevator Mix)


    A wise character once reminded her to tread the heavy ground with light feet. After a whirlwind two years since moving back to Hong Kong and starting from scratch, Xiaolin has re-emerged from the depths of her studio stronger than ever with a second EP – her first vinyl release to date.

    Inspired by the Tower card from the Tarot, Tower Moment EP is a cosmic journey through four stages of healing: darkness, acceptance, transformation and freedom.

    The record begins with “Dark Night” (of the Soul), followed by the gentle comfort of “Safe With Me”, a nostalgic electro ballad. On Side B: a chuggy tune layered with textures and samples, “Lemuria”, transports listeners to a surreal land of self-discovery, while Blue Hour completes the experience with his anthemic “Elevator” remix.

    With her signature mix of 909 kicks and 808 breaks blended with acid bass lines, subtle percussion and ethereal melodies, Xiaolin’s organic approach to techno and electro showcases her colourful palette and sensitivity as a musician, along with a love for jazz and warm synth sounds from the early 90’s era.

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  • Böhm – Leaving Earth Part.1

    12,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Leaving Earth
    A2. Games
    B1. Voluminous
    B2. The Code


    This fresh collab will see the Dutch producer bringing two EPs “Leaving Earth Part.1 and 2” on EYA Records sister label this year.
    Intricate rhythms,bleeps and bass, emotive melodies and acid lines!!!
    The artist opens a portal to new dimensions, it’s a powerful journey into timeless music and deep space. 5,4,3,2,1..ignition and take off.The dream is alive.

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  • Dean Denali – Non Solo Moda [Fuori Orario 001]

    11,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Underhooked
    A2. The Last Supper
    B1. Side Control
    B2. Moby On Acid


    Introducing Niff’s new imprint, the first Fuori Orario Ep “Non Solo Moda” is by Dean Denali, an alias of Italian producer Filippo Bena, with four tracks blending Techno, House and Breakbeat.

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  • Ballet Mechanique – 1992-1999: Collection 3 [O.C.D. SS SIX]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Dark White
    A2. Back To Basic
    A1. The Choice is Yours
    B2. Bobbittrap


    Our exploration of Ballet Mechanique’s old DAT archives, stack full of unreleased material from the 90’s era, continues with our sixth release and materializes into the third volume of the “1992-1999 Collection” series. Like the previous two volumes of the series did, also this EP brings to lights the diverse and varied approach of Jeroen’s productions: an A side featuring more “ravey” and uplifting tunes, and a B side focused on funk fuelled electro and IDM

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  • Skat – Skat Mode [Euphoric State 005]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Is Dis Love
    A2. Dinowarp
    B1. Jamaica
    B2. Jump Around


    OPIA sister label Euphoric State steps up this autumn with more unearthed gems from the 90s, this time at the controls is Skat aka Andy Panayi & Alec Stone, Skat being their name before they took on what became their acclaimed A2 moniker in 94. The “Skatmode” EP spans across innovative strains of house and electro, packed with energy and charming emotions.

    On the A side you can find two slabs of reissued heat from the versatile duo, packing more of a punch than ever. Cruising on an irresistible house groove is “Is Dis Love”, tight drum work and elastic bass lines teased by the nostalgic vocal. “Dinowarp” is a pure example of a hazy deep house chugger for the early hours of the morning, taking you on a trip of blissful synths and melt in your mind textures.

    Taking up the B side are two unreleased diamonds from the vast archives of the UK duo, “Jamaica” and “Jump Around”. The first being a playful and animated outing, classy house dynamics driving the dance floor up a notch. “Jump Around” maintains the depth and emotion but at the heart lays a pulsating sub heavy bass to keep you on the move, conversing with the pacey and crisp drum patterns within.

    Euphoric State continues to propel dusted off beats for the dance floors of modern day!

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  • HVL – Alignment EP [Appian Sounds 016]

    14,50  excl. VAT
    A1. Epil
    A2. Lush Breeze
    B1. Limg Melody
    B2. Belated Acid


    The second of two new EPs by HVL from Georgia on Appian Sounds. Alignment EP showcases different flavours this time – Warmer acid, breaks, oscillating techno and early morning sounds. This EP was chosen from a different body of work (ten APPIAN015) but no less brilliant collection of tracks that Gigi put together towards the end of 2020 …Timeless cuts to suit all intimate dancefloors.

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  • GnuTron – Chromogen EP [Abstracta Audio 003]

    10,50  excl. VAT
    A1. Lankyra
    A2. Neptunea
    AAA1. Nyefreak
    AAA2. Swan
    AAA3. 4555


    New for 2022, the third release on Abstracta Audio is an invitation to be guided by gnuTron to explore and experience the infinitely colorful and complex worlds of “Chromogen”!

    “Chromogen” is 5 tracks of gnuTron’s infectious electro-infused techy acidic funk designed to kaleidoscope listeners into undiscovered tones of bio-logic variation and sonic stimulation.

    The colorful patterned sounds of “Chromogen” are now generating to move you on 12″ vinyl EP from gnuTron on Abstracta Audio (AA-003).

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  • Cyan – Selections [Physical Education 010]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Lodine
    A2. I Hear Voices
    B1. I Hear Voices (2021 Rework)
    B2. Strata 2


    Cyan. A moniker for one of the ‘90s standout musical exponents: Bryan Zentz.

    A firm favourite in vintage house circles, Physical Education gave welcome him to the fold. They’re re-issuing tracks from his discography to create Selections, a Cyan release for today’s scene.

    Iodine and I Hear Voices come from Zentz’s debut 1994 EP: Peacekeeper. Blissfully futuristic, we’re taken down a proverbial wormhole thanks to rolling acid pulses and glitchy synth lines.

    On the B side, I Hear Voices receives a modern re-working before proceedings finish on Strata 2, a track taken from the American’s 1995 release: Starkness.

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  • Audio Reflex – Reflex III [Telomere 018]

    12,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Acid Groove
    A2. Skullgroove
    B1. Xruise Control
    B2. Booby Trap


    Audio Reflex, aka Anderson, is back, with his final four tracker on Telomere Plastic!
    This beautiful EP is another blend of mid tempo and deep electronics. Funky baselines and beats throughout will give you the chance to get moody and groovy deep in the middle of your sets!

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  • Darren Allen & T-X-Heaven – Blind Summit [Underlying Form 007]

    19,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Mine to Give
    A2. What Youre Feeling
    B1. Texture Breathing Love (Super Ambient Space)
    B2. Benny Boy
    B3. Pinecones And Rhinestones
    C1. Subjectivity
    C2. FHW

    D1. Chymical Wedding
    D2. Season Ov The Pig

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  • Kalcagni – Lost In The System EP [Cosmoba 001]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Lost In The System
    A2. Multislacking
    B1. Culture Vulture
    B2. After The Fact


    Cosmoba is a brand new Manchester based imprint from Kalcagni. Fresh from releasing his ‘Manners’ EP on Distrito 91, Kalcagni dishes up 4 slices of funk fuelled electro for this label debut.

    Lead track ‘Lost In The System’ features retro stylings and gritty electro bass hooks. This is swiftly followed up by ‘Multislacking’, the result of a weekend spent twisting up a modular rig, with wonky bass squelches and 80s pads underpinned by slamming beats.On the flip side, ‘Culture Vulture’ introduces some heavy 303 workouts, before ‘After The Fact’ rounds off the EP nicely, taking the acid vibe in a slightly darker direction with wonky reese synth fills and jacked up breaks.

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  • Spin Fidelity – Particle Shower [NightFlight Records 005]

    11,79  excl. VAT


    Magnonic Signal head honcho Antonio Velazquez aka Spin Fidelity, known from his top notch releases on Subwax Excursions and Parang recordings, is present on the fourth outing on Brussels imprint Nightflight Records. This EP reflects the label’s spirit where there are no musical boundaries and hi-tech funk is the main ingredient of every track. On the A-side we have two techno soul stompers, “Photon Stream” and “Ancient love”, with rolling basslines, some acid and deep pads that will draw you straight to the dancefloor. On the flip we get two deep electro-funk tracks, “There must be a way” and “Magnonic transmission”, with a Detroit touch on a deep futuristic trip.

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  • Konerytmi – Sanaton EP [Telomere 017]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Orava
    A2. Orbitaali
    A3. Sattumuksi
    B1. Ilta
    B2. Perhonen
    B3. Sanaton


    Konerytmi is back for his final EP on the Telomere series!
    Here we have again a SIX track mini LP! With a blend of breaks, electro, IDM and tech house, there’s something for all hours of the night! Very limited numbers as usual.

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  • QphoriQ – Emerald Journeys [Fides 014]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. Emerald Journeys
    A2. Crushider
    B1. Power-Source
    B2. Power-Source (Z.I.P.P.O remix)


    QphoriQ joins Fides Records with a 4 tracker Electro-Tinged EP named “Emerald Journeys”. Analogue synths, complex structures and pulsating drums are remarkable in QphoriQ style while a dj-friendly remix by label boss Z.I.P.P.O shows the eclectic nature of the label.

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  • Lenzyak – Trippy Land [Discarded Gems 107]

    11,79  excl. VAT
    A1. Yup
    A2. Flicker
    B1. Trippy Land
    B2. Sirius


    For the 7th installment we welcome Ukrainian producer Lenzyak, with an EP full of dreamy and progressive digressions, that drives us from the deepest atmospheres to the brightest vibe supported by a blend of breaky, trancey and techno grooves.

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  • Ramez – Karnak Calling [Karnak On Acid 001]

    10,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Karnak Calling
    A2. Fresh Improved
    B1. Fairy Dust
    B2. Lost-Project


    !Karnak Calling! !الكرنك يتحدث!
    We are thrilled to announce the first KOA release. Karnak On Acid record label was born after a mystical trip to Luxor. In this first EP, Ramez, an up and coming Egyptian talent has produced 4 groovy and trippy tracks. With its unique oriental electronic touch, this record will transport you on a journey to the magical Karnak Temple.

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  • Voxadeon – Mandroid Parables EP [Backward Futura 002]

    13,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Greenhorn
    A2. Bell Ends
    B1. Trident
    B2. Junket


    Backward Futura, exploring the sounds and vibes of 80’s and 90’s electronica thru the lenses of the new Millennium.

    With this second release we once again want to host more cinematic, left field vibes. This time from Australian producer Voxadeon, an artist who for decades has been lurking unnoticed in Oz’s uniquely disparate electronic music scene. From coast to coast with no fear of the infamous perils, our retrieval expedition was successful: deep underground, we retraced a myth and unearthed this sound.

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  • Penelope, Ludovic – [For Playful Manners 02]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Penelope - ???
    A2. Penelope - ???
    B1. Ludovic - ???
    B2. Ludovic - ???


    Second release on “For Playful Manners” label. This time around we present to you Penelope and Ludovic who share roots in the same culture but have been influenced by different surroundings in a lifetime journey. Keeping it warm and playful they deliver dancefloor heat as well as trippy sounds that will lock you in the groove ! Get in the game and discover the positions of the tracks so you find out who made which track.

    track ? and ? written and produced by Penelope 2019 in Lisbon – Portugal
    track ? and ? written and produced by Ludovic in Lima – Perú 2019
    All tracks mixed by Dan Piu in Zurich 2021.
    Mastered and cut by Stefan at Scape Mastering Berlin.
    Crossword puzzles by Joe Delon.

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  • Len Lewis / Mariiin – Split [LAPSE 002]

    A1. Len Lewis - Morpheus
    A2. Len Lewis - Do U Want It
    B1. Mariiin - The Snake Is Changing Its Skin
    B2. Mariiin - Impasse


    The second release on Lapse records welcomes UK Tech House mainstay Len Lewis, who’s extensive catalogue of club music stretches across the last few decades, along with newly appraised London based DJ and producer Mariiin. The split EP supports a four track selection of old and new head down club music touching different moods.
    Len’s inserts lead on the A side with the carefully sampled Matrix acapella laid across “Morpheus”, a tweaking and dusted 2 step thrill, in keeping with the left leaning spooky tone of the first Lapse release and label sound. “Do U Want It” follows in similar ilk to the self professed Sinister tech house sounds previously ventured on the likes of early Swag and Poodle Records releases of the early 2000’s that became essential points of reflection for the genre’s progression since.
    The B side spans a more contemporary 4×4 influenced thread of this style that circles closer to the outer rims of techno and acid. The Italian born producer joins the label with the “Snake Is Changing It’s Skin” and “Impasse” which continue fittingly to carve their signature sound, a style consistent in their early releases on the likes of BPR and EYA Records and across their DJ sets as Pleasure Club resident.

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  • Dynasty Of Dreams – A Wild West Story LP [Luzerna Records 021]

    22,50  excl. VAT

    A1. The Curse
    A2. Raccoon City
    B1. Spiritual Gathering (Coyote Mix)
    B2. Cherokees (Ranch Mix)
    C1. Animals And Spirit Of The Forest
    C2. Acid Wild West
    D1. Buffalo Dance

    D2. Canyon-Sunset
    D2. Ending Road Theme


    For the premiere of the Folklores & Legends Series on Luzerna Records, Dynasty of Dreams wrote for us a Native American adventure between a Cowboy and The Cherokees princess.
    “A Wild West Story LP” mixes solid breaks and percussions to magical pads and deep organs,
    The wind instruments, pianos and guitars, used in these sounds immerse us in a vintage and authentic progressive house.

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  • Filippo Bologna – Loto Azul EP [Studio Carbonell 001]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Nymphaeea
    A2. Lotus Egipcio
    B1. Polvo de Flor
    B2. Extracto Azul


    Studio Carbonell is a new label and party series from the seekers collective.
    For the first release Italian Filippo Bologna takes charge of the Studio Carbonell control room.

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  • Kreggo – Rally Della Lana [Nottetempo 004]

    13,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Rising High
    A2. Stars Cabin
    B1. MscheaRising High - The-Ride
    B2. Smalltown Girl
    B3. Soundtrack For A Film Doesnt Exist Yet
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  • Interlect 3000 – The Return Of Intelligence [Childhood Intelligence 015]

    21,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Children Of Technology
    A2. Infrastructure
    B1. Sundance
    B2. Unamed I
    B3. Mindfood
    C1. Questions
    C2. Program 9


    Childhood Intelligence 15th release presents “The Return Of Intelligence ” by UK duo “Interlect 3000”. Far ahead of its time, the two artists composed these futuristic timeless pieces, unknowingly, for generations to come. The album pays homage to the early days, fusing aspects of Techno, Trance, House, Electro, Ambient. Truly a hypnotic journey from beginning till end, live recorded & dedicated to the journey itself. Traxx which were written and recorded at Spare Room Studios, Essex and Phantasm Studios, London, between 1992 -1996 have now been rediscovered and released in 2022. Interlect 3000 as the architects of their own world are driven by passion and dedication for electronic music. A testament of skill and imagination only known to masters of their art.

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  • Nathan Kofi – Voltage Controlled Love Affair [De Lichting 006]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. My Heart Will Go On
    A2. Words Of Affirmation
    B1. Platonic Intimacy
    B2. Candy Girl


    Oi! This is Nathan Kofi, introducing; “Voltage Controlled Love Affair”. A story about love, love for frequencies, love for the journey, love for the culture and love for ‘the self’.

    This record will be my debuting ep since my name changed from Nathan Surreal to Nathan Kofi. And that transformation is evident throughout this ep. The A-side kinda represents ‘the old me’. A1: My Heart Will Go On and A2: Words of Affirmation are both tracks made a little while ago and are cut out of the same wood; a family affair if you wish. They consist of similar samples and thus share sonic DNA, yet reveal two completely different characters in their experience.

    Both tracks are fundamentally rooted in a classic ‘house’ ethos and display the use of vocals to enhance the listening experience while it progresses to its full potential. Although the “a1” exudes a more galvanising upbeat energy with a strong pulse triggering bodily movements, the “b1” takes a different route and evokes a more collective meditative journey; hence the title.

    Moving over to the b-side. This side represents a new me; personally and musically. Both tracks are rooted in a sense of authenticity and fresh renewed energy. This side moves away from the 4-to-the-floor formula and introduces breaky patterns and melodic experiments.

    While a lot of people, including myself suffered through several lockdowns triggering mental struggles as a consequence, I had a really hard time finding peace and balance in life and in the studio. B1: ‘Platonic Intimacy’ is the result of many frustrating studio sessions trying to find my mojo back; trying to reinvent myself to rekindle the experience of bliss and joy while music-making. This track, in particular, brings up the topic of writer’s block, mental health and blockages alike artists are suffering from. But when those demons are fought, those barriers are broken, mountains are moved – It is the start of something new, and beautiful; ‘Platonic Intimacy’. The B2: ‘Candy Girl’, in essence, a straight-up sugar-coated electro banger with a mood, yet simultaneously signifies the power of ‘reclaiming’ what is yours.

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  • Linear Sound Delivery – The Master Of An Era [Backward Futura 001]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. 2080
    A2. Collateral Benefit
    B1. No Sound In The Music
    B2. Angin8


    Backward Futura, exploring the sounds and vibes of 80’s and 90’s electronica thru the lenses of the new Millennium.
    First EP by Linear Sound Delivery, one of Italy’s most interesting artists under a new secretive moniker.

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  • Various – Hypnotic Mindscapes Vol. 2

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Cosmic JD - Wandering Heights
    A2. Weekend Logic - Streamlining Subconsciousness
    B1. Zenta Space - Debreeze
    B2. Masayuki Tomita - Woody Glass-Jr.


    Toronto party and record label Hypnotic Mindscapes returns with the second instalment of their compilation series featuring an array of Canadian and International artists both established and emerging. 
    The A side begins with label head Cosmic JD exhibiting a high-energy, acid-infused number, entrancing and mysterious modulations ideal for the witching hours. The A2 cut welcomes long-time Hypnotic collaborator, Montreal ’s own Adam Solomon aka Weekend Logic with a retro-futuristic acid breakbeat with round basslines and enhancing science-fiction melodies. On the flip-side, Hypnotic member DJ Zenta from Tokyo debuts on the label with an unique approach to timeless progressive and tech-house vibes. The final cut on the B-side presents Japanese via Toronto Masayuki Tomita contributing with an after-hours track that exposes his signature of funky and wonky analog electronics. Full colour sleeve art by label artist Sofia Eleni.

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  • DJ E – JMG 88’ [Baguette Magique 001]

    11,92  excl. VAT
    A1. En La Hora
    A2. Abduction Dacha
    B1. Primera Llamada
    B2. Wiz That


    Baguette Magique Records is a music company based in Madrid and established in 2021 by Thomas Moulin. The record label is a platform that promotes up-and-coming music artists, without getting cornered into any particular style and focusing on quality and longevity. BMR sound is pure, smart and hopefully timeless.
    The first release is a solo EP written and produced by Uruguayan DJ Enzo, who uses the a.k.a. DJ E for his debut as a producer. In his first record called JMG 88’, he presents a timeless and elegant four tracks EP somewhere between Techno and House with breaks, harmonic touches and Montevideo electro flavours. A1 titled “En la Hora” features Mendez.
    JMG 88’ is a visit card that will allow the world to get familiar with Baguette Magique’s universe and start drawing the picture of its unique musical identity.

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  • Santi Avg – Acidshanti EP [Holístico Records 002]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. T9
    A2. T10 (Litx Jax)
    B1. Santi Avg & Nicolas-Amaro - Push Mid And Win
    B2. Resakita Lover (Getir Boy In The Space Mix


    We are really happy to announce the second release of the label: Acidshanti EP, presenting Uruguayan artist Santi Avg, member of the Holístico Records Crew. The EP consists in 3 electro tunes and a bonus track (B1) featuring Nicolas Amaro as guest artist of the record.

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  • Nathan Boost, Dylan Forbes, Modex, E00 – V.A. [Parallel Universe 02]

    12,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Nathan Boost - Cloning Sequence
    A2. Dylan Forbes - Ephemeral Ecstasy
    B1. Modex - Standardised Retro Argumentation
    B2. E00 - Birdwatching


    Parallel Universe is back with another mind bending V/A.
    The second release will once again take you on a journey which feels like a never ending trance.
    As we say over at the P.U. headquarters: “Great minds space alike!”

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  • Footclan – In This For Life EP

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Eastside
    A2. Like 2 See You
    A3. F-dat32
    B1. Super Fun
    B2. Bakitup
    B3. Do Thang


    Fides welcomes the duo ‘Footclan’ to the family with an absolute banger. Ghetto-Electro for finest collectors, a powerful blend of punchy dancefloor machine funk.

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