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  • Camiflage – Snaretrade001

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Fake Carbonara
    A2. Further Instructions
    B1. Beekkant


    We say it’s better to dance on a full stomach.
    That’s why Snaretrade kicks it’s music-label existence off with a wholesome recipe
    for a vegetarian pasta. Inspired by, but definitely not an authentic pasta alla carbonara.

    After that, we use some familiar dance tropes in an attempt to
    nudge you and your full tummy to the floor. Further Instructions was made after
    downloading a 5 euro Rhodes sample pack, and Beekkant is named after a Molenbeek Metro station.
    We’ll let you decide in which musical genre they belong.

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  • Penelope, Ludovic – [For Playful Manners 02]

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Penelope - ???
    A2. Penelope - ???
    B1. Ludovic - ???
    B2. Ludovic - ???


    Second release on “For Playful Manners” label. This time around we present to you Penelope and Ludovic who share roots in the same culture but have been influenced by different surroundings in a lifetime journey. Keeping it warm and playful they deliver dancefloor heat as well as trippy sounds that will lock you in the groove ! Get in the game and discover the positions of the tracks so you find out who made which track.

    track ? and ? written and produced by Penelope 2019 in Lisbon – Portugal
    track ? and ? written and produced by Ludovic in Lima – Perú 2019
    All tracks mixed by Dan Piu in Zurich 2021.
    Mastered and cut by Stefan at Scape Mastering Berlin.
    Crossword puzzles by Joe Delon.

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  • Interlect 3000 – The Return Of Intelligence [Childhood Intelligence 015]

    21,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Children Of Technology
    A2. Infrastructure
    B1. Sundance
    B2. Unamed I
    B3. Mindfood
    C1. Questions
    C2. Program 9


    Childhood Intelligence 15th release presents “The Return Of Intelligence ” by UK duo “Interlect 3000”. Far ahead of its time, the two artists composed these futuristic timeless pieces, unknowingly, for generations to come. The album pays homage to the early days, fusing aspects of Techno, Trance, House, Electro, Ambient. Truly a hypnotic journey from beginning till end, live recorded & dedicated to the journey itself. Traxx which were written and recorded at Spare Room Studios, Essex and Phantasm Studios, London, between 1992 -1996 have now been rediscovered and released in 2022. Interlect 3000 as the architects of their own world are driven by passion and dedication for electronic music. A testament of skill and imagination only known to masters of their art.

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  • Roza Terenzi & D. Tiffany – Edge Of Innocence [Delicate Records 004]

    21,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Spiritual Delusion
    A2. Gravity Bongo
    B1. Liquorice Skritch
    B2. Lil' Drummer Boi
    C1. Grains Of Sand
    C2. Paparazzi
    D1. Redemption Arc
    D2. Possession


    CALLING ALL FRENETIC LOONS – cursed to strut on thy toes, or to point them to the sky. Has a lack of dance based activity made you weary? The deprivation of bass inflected oxygen surging thru your body resulted in a euphoric fatigue? Well rise and shine all you
    Spiritually Deluded kinder, the hit parade is back, with Roza T & D. Tiff tip-toeing in with 8 tracks high in kinetic synergy and low in “bOriNGG!!”. The sound of 2 artists; serious in their intent yet blowing raspberries at the cork sniffers/snobs, obstinate to the world of industrial decay press shots + plastic ravers.

    Instead they straddle the Edge of Innocence. Residue of lines once written, now your own personal tightrope. You wobble to and fro as part of a troupe of ethereal jesters, composed of Lil’ Drummer Boi’s pitter pattering on Gravity Bongo’s. Both tracks repping and following the rhythm of the ozone bounce house. With enough elasticity you’ll ^^break thru^^, experiencing Possession by momentary ascension. The weightless sensation of falling in a circle; catch yourself if you please. Such transcendence is lucrative, the Paparazzi on hand to flash and burn the retina, providing instant short-circuit delusions of grandeur. Sonically every hard knock is met with a “bOinKK!!”, illuminating the dark yet cartoonish nature of the practice – guaranteed to make u skip, achieve the perfect sly pout. You and your gang can terraform into bodacious bass-bins, and cast your personal Redemption Arc onto the ether.

    Inhibitions are to be absolved, and fat kickdrums to be followed. In this hyper-informed yet unknowing present tense, who can ignore the beat based intrinsic incentive to fuck up the circadian rhythm – the music becoming a byte-based silkworm, spinning its digital silk from synapse to synapse, until your brain is a translucent cocoon playfully ricocheting, the cranium its pleasure dome. Call the drum dealer.

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  • Nathan Kofi – Voltage Controlled Love Affair [De Lichting 006]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. My Heart Will Go On
    A2. Words Of Affirmation
    B1. Platonic Intimacy
    B2. Candy Girl


    Oi! This is Nathan Kofi, introducing; “Voltage Controlled Love Affair”. A story about love, love for frequencies, love for the journey, love for the culture and love for ‘the self’.

    This record will be my debuting ep since my name changed from Nathan Surreal to Nathan Kofi. And that transformation is evident throughout this ep. The A-side kinda represents ‘the old me’. A1: My Heart Will Go On and A2: Words of Affirmation are both tracks made a little while ago and are cut out of the same wood; a family affair if you wish. They consist of similar samples and thus share sonic DNA, yet reveal two completely different characters in their experience.

    Both tracks are fundamentally rooted in a classic ‘house’ ethos and display the use of vocals to enhance the listening experience while it progresses to its full potential. Although the “a1” exudes a more galvanising upbeat energy with a strong pulse triggering bodily movements, the “b1” takes a different route and evokes a more collective meditative journey; hence the title.

    Moving over to the b-side. This side represents a new me; personally and musically. Both tracks are rooted in a sense of authenticity and fresh renewed energy. This side moves away from the 4-to-the-floor formula and introduces breaky patterns and melodic experiments.

    While a lot of people, including myself suffered through several lockdowns triggering mental struggles as a consequence, I had a really hard time finding peace and balance in life and in the studio. B1: ‘Platonic Intimacy’ is the result of many frustrating studio sessions trying to find my mojo back; trying to reinvent myself to rekindle the experience of bliss and joy while music-making. This track, in particular, brings up the topic of writer’s block, mental health and blockages alike artists are suffering from. But when those demons are fought, those barriers are broken, mountains are moved – It is the start of something new, and beautiful; ‘Platonic Intimacy’. The B2: ‘Candy Girl’, in essence, a straight-up sugar-coated electro banger with a mood, yet simultaneously signifies the power of ‘reclaiming’ what is yours.

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  • Linear Sound Delivery – The Master Of An Era [Backward Futura 001]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. 2080
    A2. Collateral Benefit
    B1. No Sound In The Music
    B2. Angin8


    Backward Futura, exploring the sounds and vibes of 80’s and 90’s electronica thru the lenses of the new Millennium.
    First EP by Linear Sound Delivery, one of Italy’s most interesting artists under a new secretive moniker.

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  • Various – Hypnotic Mindscapes Vol. 2

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Cosmic JD - Wandering Heights
    A2. Weekend Logic - Streamlining Subconsciousness
    B1. Zenta Space - Debreeze
    B2. Masayuki Tomita - Woody Glass-Jr.


    Toronto party and record label Hypnotic Mindscapes returns with the second instalment of their compilation series featuring an array of Canadian and International artists both established and emerging. 
    The A side begins with label head Cosmic JD exhibiting a high-energy, acid-infused number, entrancing and mysterious modulations ideal for the witching hours. The A2 cut welcomes long-time Hypnotic collaborator, Montreal ’s own Adam Solomon aka Weekend Logic with a retro-futuristic acid breakbeat with round basslines and enhancing science-fiction melodies. On the flip-side, Hypnotic member DJ Zenta from Tokyo debuts on the label with an unique approach to timeless progressive and tech-house vibes. The final cut on the B-side presents Japanese via Toronto Masayuki Tomita contributing with an after-hours track that exposes his signature of funky and wonky analog electronics. Full colour sleeve art by label artist Sofia Eleni.

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  • Kayroy – Internal Rhythm EP – [Echocentric Records 012]

    12,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Internal-Rhythm
    A2. Zap-Saffron
    B1. Jetty Lay
    B2. Liminality EX


    Melbournian Kayroy artfully blends varied influences to deliver a stunning, dynamic and exciting EP, venturing deep into the depths of fizzy prog & cyborg disco.

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  • DJ E – JMG 88’ [Baguette Magique 001]

    11,92  excl. VAT
    A1. En La Hora
    A2. Abduction Dacha
    B1. Primera Llamada
    B2. Wiz That


    Baguette Magique Records is a music company based in Madrid and established in 2021 by Thomas Moulin. The record label is a platform that promotes up-and-coming music artists, without getting cornered into any particular style and focusing on quality and longevity. BMR sound is pure, smart and hopefully timeless.
    The first release is a solo EP written and produced by Uruguayan DJ Enzo, who uses the a.k.a. DJ E for his debut as a producer. In his first record called JMG 88’, he presents a timeless and elegant four tracks EP somewhere between Techno and House with breaks, harmonic touches and Montevideo electro flavours. A1 titled “En la Hora” features Mendez.
    JMG 88’ is a visit card that will allow the world to get familiar with Baguette Magique’s universe and start drawing the picture of its unique musical identity.

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  • Too Smooth Christ – Peemax Trax [EYA Records 018]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Air Italia
    A2. The Birth Of The Peemax
    B1. Human Peemax Stroll
    B2. FM Enhancement


    Magical,evocative and intelligent. It’s the” Peemax Trax EP” by Too Smooth Christ on EYA Records number 18.A truly superb and intergalactic journey that will caress your soul and make you lose in the music.
    Once again Christophe Le Gall proved us to be one of the most gifted and forward thinking producers of electronic music out there. Unmissable.

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  • Santi Avg – Acidshanti EP [Holístico Records 002]

    11,99  excl. VAT
    A1. T9
    A2. T10 (Litx Jax)
    B1. Santi Avg & Nicolas-Amaro - Push Mid And Win
    B2. Resakita Lover (Getir Boy In The Space Mix


    We are really happy to announce the second release of the label: Acidshanti EP, presenting Uruguayan artist Santi Avg, member of the Holístico Records Crew. The EP consists in 3 electro tunes and a bonus track (B1) featuring Nicolas Amaro as guest artist of the record.

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  • Club Winston – SP008 [Spinning Plates]

    10,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Guzzling
    A2. Hell
    B1. Chart
    B2. Partook


    The Spinning Plates imprint returns this October with Club Winston’s ‘Guzzle’ EP, comprised of four gritty club workouts from the London artist.

    The UK’s Club Winston has been steadily unveiling a series of tripped-out club ready cuts via his own UKGEORGE label over the past few years along with remixes from the likes of D.Tiffany and Tim Reaper. Here though we see him join the roster of Spinning Plates with his latest collection of works, an imprint that’s played host to material from the likes of SHKN, Neksha, Andy Rantzen, DJ Spider and Bruno Schmidt since its inception in 2015.

    Title-track ‘Guzzle’ leads, laid out across five minutes with a menacing arpeggio bass lead, howling atmospherics and crunchy analogue drums. ‘Hell’ follows and tips the focus over to heavy doses of sub bass, intricately dynamic, modulating drums and intense swells of processed synths throughout.

    Opening the flip-side is ‘Chart’, upping the energy levels with a pacey 4/4 drum groove while twitchy resonant synth lines, low-end pulsations and cavernous reverberations ebb and flow throughout. ‘Partook’ then rounds out the release, a cinematic ambient composition which lays focus on swirling, textural pads, glitched out resonant bleeps and fluttering low end hits.

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  • Nathan Boost, Dylan Forbes, Modex, E00 – V.A. [Parallel Universe 02]

    12,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Nathan Boost - Cloning Sequence
    A2. Dylan Forbes - Ephemeral Ecstasy
    B1. Modex - Standardised Retro Argumentation
    B2. E00 - Birdwatching


    Parallel Universe is back with another mind bending V/A.
    The second release will once again take you on a journey which feels like a never ending trance.
    As we say over at the P.U. headquarters: “Great minds space alike!”

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  • Angel D’lite – Re4mat [Ritual Poison 008]

    12,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Werk My Body
    A2. Werk My Body (Local Group Remix)
    B1. R U Ready
    B2. Re4mat


    Purveyor of lovecore, fabba and cakebeat, bestie and all-round DJ-inspo Angel D’lite blesses Ritual Poison with her ‘Re4mat’ EP.
    ‘Werk My Body’ is a swirl of feminine energy, empowered vocals blending with hardcore breaks and hyper bass, a four four switch warping temporally before the track drops again. Local Group return the remix favour from their own recent EP, slowing ’Werk My Body’ to a 140 emo-banger, trance melodies sandwiching a proggy mid-section, the bass bumping throughout.
    ‘R u Ready’ keeps the NRG and BPMs high, breakbeats rolling over booming sub and dubbed out rave stabs, the sexual charge of the female ragga vocal frank and unashamed. ‘Re4mat’ signs off, the hallowed B2. Drawing on rave anthems of the past, it looks boldly to the future. 
“This particular historical juncture holds possibilities for change that we’ve never before experienced,” declares Angela Davis, as the euphoria subsides for a moment. ‘Re4mat’ and start again.

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  • Footclan – In This For Life EP

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. Eastside
    A2. Like 2 See You
    A3. F-dat32
    B1. Super Fun
    B2. Bakitup
    B3. Do Thang


    Fides welcomes the duo ‘Footclan’ to the family with an absolute banger. Ghetto-Electro for finest collectors, a powerful blend of punchy dancefloor machine funk.

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  • Neimad – One Strobe, Fog Ambient [Folklore Séries 005]

    12,99  excl. VAT
    A1. One Strobe, Fog Ambient
    A2. Da Wise Pulsation
    B1. Amazon Bleu
    B2. Bad Hangar


    Multi explorations mood on Neimad’s debut EP for his crew label

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  • Wiles – Slowrush EP [Batrachian 005]

    10,89  excl. VAT
    A1. Wiles - Too Real Eyez
    A2. Wiles - Bientam
    B1. Wiles - Slowrush
    B2. MOY - Echolab (Wiles Remix)


    After releasing two EPs from rising talent MOY, Batrachian’s journey through mystical synths, breakbeat and electro rhythms, and ear-worm melodies continues in the capable hands of Bristol-based Jack Wiles.
    On Wiles’ debut EP, ’Too Real Eyez’ is a slow-burning spiral of acidic frequencies and tough breaks with a killer vocal snippet, while ‘Bientam’ is a rolling junglist piece driven by chopped drums, meandering bass and an intricate bell melody: the perfect mix of rhythmic heft and IDM intrigue. ‘Slowrush’ matches offbeat electro drums with a bittersweet synth part, and finally, Wiles remixes MOY’s ‘Echolab’ (recently released on the EMOTEC label) into an early Warp-style acidic masterpiece.

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  • IL B – DD Chip [BeBop 001]

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. DD Chip
    A2. Baraka
    B1. Ambiline
    B2. Flava la Fiaba
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  • Sunflower Aquarium – Untitled [Paper-Cuts007]

    17,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Intro
    A2. Edit
    A3. SA-124
    A4. Warning
    B1. Birds Of Paradise
    B2. Bubble (Contagious Mix)
    B3. Planet 4


    The debut LP from duo Sunflower Aquarium offers a full spectrum bloom into the electronic ecosystem. Dylan Batelic (Paper-Cuts) and Thomas Martin (Furious Frank) fuse together for a 7 track collection of low-slung immersive deepness, embodying a cycle of life via the ebbs and flows of sonic seasonal evolution. A collaboration of cyber synthesis; written simultaneously Melbourne through Adelaide during late 2021, the result a refined yet spontaneous take on dubbed downtempo through to driving dance deviance.

    Beginning with a birth, the stand alone Intro’s saturated glow cultivates a vivid timbre and sun kissed sub-stratosphere. Sprouting melodic constructions continue to blossom throughout the record and growing pains are welcomed with open arms, a mature moodiness brooding delicately through assured drums and fleeting Janet vocal fragments. Broken beat patterns group together and tessellate, the woven sunken bass leaves space for flickering hi hat fissure in SA-124, this groove based atmospheric momentum evolving cohesively track after track. Bright, refined concepts that linger and dissolve in your subconscious for weeks. The B Side preserves the introspective tip but dives deeper, faster; Birds Of Paradise melting organic field recordings into blissful synth voices and ricochet breaks. Bubble (Contagious Mix) feels like a midnight highway dub drive, shooting and gliding fluently; coloured lights iridescently blurred as if it was all a dream… then the closing track, which induces a sharp sense of hypnosis. Traditional techno expressions flirt with your ears, layers of repetition locked and loaded, dwindling into the abyss; conclusion of the cycle.

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  • Aleexe – Looking Forward Ep [Rovas 004]

    10,99  excl. VAT
    A1. My Shoulder Is Your Shoulder
    A2. Teson
    B1. Teapetesis
    B2. Comprehension

    200 limited copies

    “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

    Rovas presents Aleexe (Panea Records) with a solid four-tracker EP that provides a complete experience into this inspiring artist’s intellect.

    My Shoulder is Your Shoulder”, kicks off this EP with a highly danceable and dense vibe. Deep synths evolve with snappy percusions and a bassline that leaves no doubt: this is going to be serious shit. “Teson” follows on the same side getting the table ready, with some breaky vibes and a resting bassline, mastered by cheeky vocals and playful synths.

    The B side seems to spread a brighter atmosphere designed for the daytime, delivering stripped back and sensual contrasting tracks. “Teapetesis” incorporates great melodies and rolling riffs that bring the energy flow up until the end. Lastly, “Comprehension” gives a closing with the perfect dreamy calmness.

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  • Mat Roz – Orange Sunshine [Overtunes 003]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Crab's Dab
    A2. Electrolux
    B1. Orange Sunshine (Club Mix)
    B2. Mat Roz - Orange Sunshine


    We always remember the good vibes of the sun from an orange summer sunset.
    This time all those energies are combined in our new release by Mat Roz “Orange Sunshine Ep”. Mat is our new Brazilian talent based at Sao Paulo city, where he was inspired by the surround to give shape and color to his first release.
    Some masterpieces come together with trancy techno, breaks, elektro and house that make this release a real banger for djs.

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    10,19  excl. VAT
    A1. Koolmorf - K2 PGG Bouncy
    A2. Binary Digit - Hsv-Tek
    B1. Ryan James Ford - Royal Stag
    B2. ZDR - Farther Afield


    Dream Ticket celebrates 10 releases on this planet with a VA matching old label favourites with fresh new blood. Multidisciplinary artist Koolmorf Widesen kicks things off with a madcap acid squirmer that will terrorize your sense of direction as much as it moves your body, before DT stalwart Binary Digit hits us with his latest signature braindance pounder. On the flip, Ryan James Ford, another DT alumni, brings us a techno banger that marries the best of Detroit and Berlin, then newcomer ZDR closes things out with stuttering, dreamy piece of jungly dnb magic. Here’s to the next 10!

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    11,69  excl. VAT
    A1. 03049
    A2. Stay The Night
    B1. Need Some More
    B2. Can We Still Hang
    B3. Hey Deejay


    After what feels like an eternity, we can finally reclaim our dance floors. Get ready to dust off your dancing shoes, and don’t worry, Malugi will provide you with just the right tools to come back with a bang.
    Not a newcomer to the dance music scene, with his own event series Club Heart Broken, Malugi is stepping up to begin releasing some of his own productions. On his new EP ‘Stay The Night’ Malugi mixes several genres, crossing boundaries from pumpy House all the way through to pulsing Techno and rough Electro, with a Pop sensitivity, that he is best known for.
    The sixth release from SNC Recs is sure to make you want to stay the night and it’s more than safe to say that Malugi’s energy will make any dance floor shake.

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  • Worm Class – Tooth And Nail [Eupasia 003]

    11,25  excl. VAT
    A1. Vertical
    A2. Watching Figures
    B1. Organic Carbon
    B2. Watching Figures


    Succeeding the two first release, Eupasia returns with another work carving the label’s distinct sound excursions. Half Techno and half Electro infused, with a hint of Minimal, Tooth and Nail sets the tone of the newest alias Worm Class by André Leiria. A 4-track EP ready to be thrown straight into the darker rooms, padding them with heavy basslines and bright, sleek drums.

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  • Various Artists – W49B [Nebulae Records 09]

    13,60  excl. VAT
    A1. Curios - Warbling Tundra
    A2. Lee - Kindred (Mause's Breakbeat Bonanza Mix)
    A3. António Sá - The Mnlg
    A4. Rico Casazza & CPSL - 11.11
    B1. Caramel Chameleon - Strobed Alabastro
    B2. Dopefist - Does Everyone Feel This Way
    B3. Adhesive - Trisolaran
    Uf0 - I Like Your Girlfriend


    “The strongest affection and utmost zeal should promote the studies concerned with the most beautiful objects. This is the discipline that deals with the universe’s divine revolutions, the stars’ motions, sizes, distances, risings and settings… for what is more beautiful than heaven?” –


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  • ISAbella – Audio Exótica EP [MARICAS Records 001]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Extrema
    A2. Floating C2
    B1. Track 90
    B2. Keta Jungle
    B3. Contacto


    Introducing the first release on MARICAS Records from the Barcelona queer collective. After three years of living the Maricas techno-pervy-loving lifestyle and spreading their message of freedom and love in their hometown and beyond, it was time to share the music they love and live by. With their very own imprint, they strive to lift up and showcase their family of queer artists and spread their sound to parties and after parties all around the world.

    The first EP is delivered by none other than resident and co-founders ISAbella. She makes her debut with a solid five tracker, which bounces between house and breaks, all with a touch of old school. Hard-hitting drums and crispy perc are blended with just the right amount of dirty Rave and Electro flavours.

    The A side kicks off with the dance-floor-banger Extrema, a driving house weapon rich in synth textures and stabs. Each layer takes its turn to be heard over the fat bass line, before combining into a dense melodic texture at the climax. This is sure to crush any dance floor.

    Side B features Contacto, which perfectly encapsulates the Maricas sound. Deep, dreamy layers of atmosphere and the ethereal, euphoric melodies floating above are driven forward by a crunchy breaks riff and an airy but tough four to the floor kick.

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  • Papolious Jones – Volume Two [Top Rhythm Boppers 002]

    10,65  excl. VAT
    A.1 We're The OGs (Original Ghosts)
    A2. Papolino's Journey Into Hyperconscience
    B.1 Ancestral Love
    B2. Let's Start Again Shall We


    Mr Jones is back from a trip down memory lane, digging in deep to bring you musical funk for the mind, body and soul. Picking up from where we left off, we take it a step further into more ambiguous, emotionally complex territory. After all, these have been trying times, haven’t they?
    We begin with the hauntingly familiar melody of ghostly lovers who meet through generations in “We’re The OGs (Original Ghosts)”, and then we traverse to “Papolino’s Journey Into Hyperconscience” – the italo soundtrack for the end of the world. For the flip side, we live a tale of separation turned into soul-inspired electronics in “Ancestral Love”, and we end with “Let’s Start Again, Shall We?” – a groovy synth conversation that swings into introspection.
    TRBO’s sophomore release adds another chapter to an unfolding story of inspiration through nostalgia. We will meet again in the future.

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  • Ish – Psychedelic Renaissance LP [System Error]

    10,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Ish - Psychedelic Renaissance
    A2. Ish - Optimised Tripping
    A3. Ish - Friends And Enemies
    B1. Ish - Welcome Future Generation
    B2. Ish - Anorganic Motions
    B3. Ish - Moving Ceiling


    Ish Returns To System Error With Drum & Bass Infused LP titled “Psychedelic Renaissance”.

    Berlin based artist and live performer, Ish, showcases his diverse productions once more on the quickly establishing, System Error imprint. Taking care of the launch of their ERROR300 series. The “Psychedelic Renaissance” LP is for the versatile tastemakers amongst us, focusing on a drum & bass style with a futuristic edge. The album meanders through six tracks that sum up the genre straining ethos the System Error brand continues to push, embracing the unique, and propelling otherworldly sound environments for listeners to enjoy.
“Psychedelic Renaissance” sees the Swiss producer utilise his vast musical knowledge, proving his versatility once more with an intriguing body of work that sits comfortably under the System Error umbrella as they inaugurate their Drum & Bass offshoot, ERROR300.

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  • Vafa – Portgas D.Ace [Griffé 005]

    10,32  excl. VAT
    A1. Vafa - Mae
    A2. Vafa - Jr Smith
    B1. Vafa - Raftel
    B2. Vafa - Portgas D.Ace


    Griffé has delivered a fresh release from the young and talented producer Vafa. For his very first solo EP on vinyl, this young producer from Marseille demonstrates his ability to produce tracks tailored for the dancefloor while creating a singular atmosphere. With a singular and precise rhythmic programming coupled with an intelligent use of samples and chords, he delivers 4 tracks with diverse atmospheres all having in common an unparalleled efficiency

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  • Not Even Noticed – Persistent Textures EP [Chat Noir 004]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Backyard Dreams
    A2. Persistent Textures
    B1. Quaisen
    B2. Access Mode


    Frankfurt based duo not even noticed is up next on Chat Noir Rec !
    not even noticed is a project dedicated to broken beats, dreamy pads and ravy sounds, founded in early 2020 while the world was going crazy due to the corona virus. The Persistent Textures EP catches several vibes that not even noticed stands for with liquid acid lines in Quaisen and Backyard Dreams, dreamy pads in Backyard Dreams and a rave feel in Access Mode.

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  • Sasha Nevolin – In The Future We Trust [Physical Education 007]

    10,29  excl. VAT
    A1. Highlight
    A2. Gas Station
    B1. In The Future We Trust
    B2. Someone


    Brand new tracks by Sasha Nevolin on the next Physical Education release.

    Following collaborations with Club Vision and Voiceless, the Belarusian producer joins the family with a serious four tracker containing some of his finest cuts. 

    Expect an EP full of playful 90s infused breaks, rolling hypnotic basslines & dreamy electro soundscapes.

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  • Ray Kandinski – Garant [Lobster Theremin 092]

    11,90  excl. VAT
    A1. 95
    A2. No Love
    A3. Healing
    B1. Zonin
    B2. The Mack
    B3. Garant


    Complet label owner and Berlin based DJ and producer Ray Kandinski has been making serious moves over the last few years, both through his ear for curation and his rich, intricate sound design. Inspired by a pool of influences, including; jungle, footwork and house – Kandinski believes the beauty of dance music can be found in its subtlety and range; which can be heard deeply running throughout his debut EP for Lobster Theremin.
    A ray of sunshine shines through sparse breakbeats in opening track ‘95’, before ‘No Love’ follows with a slightly more clubier affair, while still maintaining it’s blissful edge through the use of lush and dynamic synth work. ‘Healing’ then closes the A side with it’s minimal grooves, both hypnotic and understated; light refracting from one medium to another in a colourful display of blue and green.
    The B side makes its entrance with ‘Zonin’ a choppy house cut with a point to prove, before demonstrating his artistic versatility in ‘The Mack’ blending his way into an electro mutation laced with ravey stabs and punchy drums, combining various influences from around the globe.
    Title track ‘Garant’ takes place in a quasi-rainforest beckoned by nature’s call. The type of good-natured music that sounds inspired by the evolving world around us; locking us in a groove that could happily last forever.

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  • Various ‎– PS001.2 [Pure Space 1.2]

    10,39  excl. VAT
    A1. Point Guard - Odyssey
    A2. Andy Garvey x Disrute - NRG
    B1. PMA - Hek
    B2. Roy Mills - Aquatic Pressure
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  • Holloway – BLUFF004 [Bluff Records 004]

    11,49  excl. VAT
    A1. Old Dog New Tricks
    A2. Cycliccc
    B1. Take It Easy
    B2. Further Out


    4 weighty trax from the big & bad SE London based producer, Holloway.
    Mastered and cut by Jason @ Transition.

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  • AC$ – Unlimited Funs [Sakskøbing 013]

    10,90  excl. VAT
    A1. AC$ - Beers and Blueberries
    A2. AC$ - Gait Trainer
    B1. AC$ - Ribbon Candy
    B2. AC$ - Yesterdays Bacon
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