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  • Various – Our Own Algorythm Vol. 2 [Distrito 91 Records 007]

    12,99  excl. tax
    A1. Fabio Vinuesa - Numbers
    A2. KafkaCtrl - Limbic Crash
    B1. Hoax Believers - Hulla
    B1. DJ Unisex - Telekommunikation
    B2. Self Learning - System Deep Sea


    Distrito 91 presents the second installment of its Various Artists compilation series; “Our Own Algorithm” VOL.2.

    Side A offers three highly dancefloor electro cuts with heavy basslines, killer drums and dreamy synth pads signed by Fabio Vinuesa, KafkaCtrl and Hoax Believers.

    Side B follows with the electro-funk vibe of “Telekkomunikation” and “Deep Sea” by DJ Unisex and Friedrich Ernst from Self Learning System Crew.

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  • Goris Lecker – From Scratch [Kreisless]

    8,73  excl. tax
    A1. Nonsuade
    A2. Frust
    B1. Donin
    B2. Ceibo


    Kreisless first release kicks off with four minutely worked tracks by Berlin based artist Goris Lecker. A trip through acid sounds synth melodies, energetic rhythms along with deep enticing atmospheres. Starting with Nonsaude, a prominent breakbeat enriched by a subtly distorted bass and an euphoric stab. Followed by Frust switching to a dark late-night mood where techno sounds hoard the track. On the B side jazzy Rhodes chords show up with Donin where a hypnotic 303 synth loop takes the lead. Ceibo culminates the record with a sound journey of melodies and effects.

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  • Various ‎– The Songs Of Distant Earth [Club Vision Records]

    9,90  excl. tax
    A1. Primary Perception - Neo Tokyo
    A2. Fio Fa - Tek Tek
    B1. Paolo Mosca - Feel The Emotions
    B2. Sasha Nevolin - Kraski
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  • Dj Aquatraxx ‎– Virtual Sci-Fi Ep. [Distrito 91 Records 002]

    9,90  excl. tax
    A1. Dj Aquatraxx - First Organization
    A2. Dj Aquatraxx - Fantasy Lies
    B1. Dj Aquatraxx - Virtual Party Pool
    B2. Dj Aquatraxx - Planeta Asturies
    B3. Dj Aquatraxx - Minimalsoul


    Five brilliant cuts rescued from long analog jams recorded by DJ Aquatraxx during the last two years in his bunker located somewhere deep in the Cantabrian sea.

    Acid waves, FM chords and a lot of groovy lysergic funk for Distrito 91’s second release.

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  • Reptant ‎– The New Adaptive Lacerta [Die Orakel]

    9,90  excl. tax
    A1. Ultra Violent Light
    A2. Kom Her Interlude
    B1. Sticky Feet
    B2. Absorbtion
    B3. Metachrosis


    Reptant’s debut release on Die Orakel is an n-dimensional array of five seriously electro flavoured composites on vinyl (and digital, that is). The Melbourne based producer starts off quirky, fast-paced and slightly acidic, skillfully swerving into the laid-back leftfield of mid-to-late 90s UK IDM. At either tempi, The New Adaptive Lacerta is a truly sublime and modern classic EP.

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  • Station Rose ‎– Gunafa’s Children [Childhood Intelligence]

    10,90  excl. tax
    A1. Fragezeichen
    A2. Kinker 2
    A3. Equivalent
    B1. Delusion
    B2. Sticker

    B3. Butterscotch


    Childhood Intelligence Six coming from German-Austrian Audio/Visual Pioneers of digital Culture “STATION ROSE“. Gary Danner & Elisa Rose have been continuously progressing their own Vision of Music and Art since the late 80s, f.e through their own Label Gunafa, Sony Music, PIAS, International Deejay Gigolo Records & collaborations with producers like Atom Heart. Their Project has been highly respected by Media & Press (Hr-fernsehen/ARD Digital, Wire, Mixmag, FAZ) since the early days. With the Child Six Mini Lp we are celebrating their Gunafa 30.0

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  • Riccardo ‎– 3Dimension [Time Passages]

    9,39  excl. tax
    A1. 3Dimension
    A2. Lordlusion
    B1. Whoweare


    Italian producer Riccard returns on Binh’s Time Passages for their 17th release.

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  • Various ‎– Hyperborea [Panea Records]

    8,71  excl. tax
    A1. Gustavo Cardenas - Breaking The Light
    A2. Aleexe - Parallax
    B1. VCO - Voltage Controlled Oscillator
    B2. Dirty Lemon - CMoon


    Paneadores, it’s about time !!
    Here you have, the snippets of our third release. This time VCO join us with one track. We want to say; as many paths in life, music it’s a way to express ourselves. Therefore, this time we want dedicate this vinyl with all our love, to Charliemoon.

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  • Neu.ron ‎– Atmos One [Foundation 004]

    9,73  excl. tax
    A1. Essence"
    A2. All That You Need
    B2. Mirage


    With the fourth release of the label we are so happy to share with you our first guest and one of our favourite producers of all time. Ron Wells PKA Jack Smooth, often credited as the pioneer of Jungle Techno presents a new alias, NEU.RON. Three sublime cuts showcase the mans ability to create. He takes us on a sonic journey through deep techno, techno-house and finally through to his signature J-Tek line comprised of eloquently sequenced, crisp sounding drums, rolling bass-lines, and one of kind riffs and melodies.

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  • T.K. Lawrence ‎– They All Float Down Here EP [Florklang 002]

    9,39  excl. tax
    A1. They All Float Down Here
    A1. Blue Light District
    B1. Where We Come From
    B2. Rap Dinsosaurs


    The label from Japan “Florklang” has started up in 2016. Now Florklang is releasing the second vinyl by producer TK Lawrence from Brooklyn who debut from Irish Cavalier and played actively in Dub Pistols.
    The records include “They All Float Down Here” that he expressed the influence of horror-core into creepy organ sound. Also you could hear everywhere the taste of Hip-hop and Jazz from “Tribute To Where We Come From” and “Rap Dinosaurs” in Side B. The record includes 4 other various tracks that you could feel the New York abundant scene where he brought up. Further more each track based on AKAI S950 and analogue machines when it has created.

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  • Federico Lijtmaer – Forever… But Now Ep [Helena 007]

    10,19  excl. tax
    A1. Só Um Momento
    A2. Serendipia
    B1. Somewhere
    B2. Somewhere (Z@p Remix)


    Helena returns with its 7th release, this time from Uruguayan alchemist Fede Lijtmaer.

    Each of the three originals shows off his flair and musicality, be it the switch-up drum patterns and delicate keys of ‘Só Um Momento’, the more deliberate swagger of ‘Serendipia’ or the mutating synth line that weaves its aleatoric way through ‘Somewhere’ – everywhere shades of Steve Pickton, Casey Tucker, and other early UK proponents of the Detroit sound.

    Finally, compatriot and friend Z@P remixes ‘Somewhere’, taking familiar but unexpected elements (Chicago house drums and Mathew Jonson synths) and turning them into something entirely modern.

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  • Dirty Lemon – Tuverah [Panea Records]

    9,29  excl. tax
    A1. Binaural Beat
    A2. Objects in the cluster
    A3. Contacidous
    B1. Miss Long
    B2. Metallic touch


    Panea Records’s fifth release “Tuverah” comes. The Berlin-based Spanish crew reveals this solo EP from “Dirty Lemon”, a crew member and Marla Records co-owner, that conveys a diverse range of styles; fresh house melodies, trippy breaks, and acid techno-trance basslines.

    Release date:16/09/2021

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